Our idea

As crossfitters, we spend a lot of time in the gym, working on our bodies and improving our skills. For this reason, we understand the needs of other athletes - skiers, cyclists, weightlifters - who can’t find the right pair of jeans that will be comfortable and will simply look good on them. They have to buy pants too big in the waist to fit their muscular legs. As a result, they feel embarrassed when they have to hide the actual size of pants by wearing a belt, which limits their movements and is tightly clutching the waist. Athletes don’t train so hard, to not be able to wear ordinary jeans.

Crosslifter knows that our customers are different, and our goal is a custom fit. Our team has designed an app that allows you to get your precise measurements, which allows us to create jeans tailor made for your athletic body.

Our vision

We want our jeans to be the best quality possible. Our clothes are sewn by hand in Poland, with carefully selected materials. We designed all the elements ourselves and took care of every detail. With your help, we’ll create jeans that aren’t only comfortable, but also stylish.


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