Cross Roads (Web Novel)
Cross Roads (Web Novel)

This project has already launched.


Till the dawn of time, there has been the four elements that bind and created our world as we see today. The same four elements that we all take for granted that shapes not only humanity but the civilization in general; wind, water, fire and earth.

Fortunately, during the Dark Ages, many people prayed and studied the stars. Not for research but for power. At the end of the Dark Ages, a handful of educated men and women have learned to hone such power, Nether and Aether.

The Aether and the Nether; The celestial plane and the Infernal plane. Heaven and Hell. Many different names for the same place, or at least to mortal understanding this is the truth. The agents of the nether and ether have fought for the souls of the dead for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, much of the modern world is owed to the scars of war before they were banished at the twilight of celestial creatures.

Aether is generally considered a realm of law, where everything earned is given, where kindness is always repaid with kindness. The agents of the ether are banished just like the nether but appear in visions, as passed on loved ones, or other things to advance their agenda in their absences. The nether do not follow the rules of the universe so why should they follow the rules of their banishment from the prime realm. The agents of the nether tend to have a direct hand in mortal affairs, appearing in dreams, allowing themselves to be used as vessels for tainting, or even getting a fool every once and a while to open a gate to the nether to wreck some *real* havoc.

But just like everything in life, while there are many others who want to use this power to progress humanity, many others wanted to use this newfound power for dominance. Countless wars have waged for years. Now more than ever there is an invisible war happening right in front of us that has now been spread throughout the public with everybody taking sides. And as before, many people have embraced this new discovery. Meanwhile, there are many others who rejected and/or want it for themselves.

At the end of the Silver age there has been a solitary group who wanted to restore the balance throughout the world forever known as “The Crux Nexus.” The Crux Nexus is a female only group he uses the power of the stars two and such corruption. With such responsibility, The Crux Nexus is the only group that police and relegate anyone he uses magic or who is associated with users who use magic for corrupted purposes.

Once in every generation (about 25 years or more) females are chosen to represent The Crux Nexus. They are pretty much considered to be known as minor goddesses called “The Crucis Goddesses” which consists of five; Alpha Crucis (who is the leader), Beta Crucis, Gamma Crucis, Delta Crucis, Epsilon Crucis. These five women are chosen at a young age by the stars and the heavens to represent them in desperate times. Being a part of The Crux Nexus is not a job or lifestyle, it is a calling.

However, there are rules and traditions they must follow to appease the Seven Heavens, even though there is a leadership who instruct The Crux Nexus called the Aethereal Queen, she too is bound by rules and regulations.

The Aethereal Queen cannot in any way force any female to take the call, the Aethereal Queen is not allowed to appoint a replacement since she herself has no vote and the Aethereal Queen is prohibited to fight battles in no way, shape or form. The Aethereal Queen is more of a messenger of the Seven Heavens and more of a figurehead than most. However, the Aethereal Queen does have many perks during her tenure.

The Aethereal Queen has an extended lifespan and get to keep her youthful looks. Also, the Aethereal Queen can shape her body into what she would like to be only once every 10 years. It’s that, and The Crux Nexus are extremely wealthy and have a in disposable income which the Aethereal Queen can handsomely have access to.

When there is the Aethereal Queen, there is the elected officials called the “Constellation Correlation” that represents their own country which have ties with The Crux Nexus; Papua New Guinea, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Mercosur (which is composed of 6 sovereign member states: Argentina; Brazil; Paraguay; Uruguay; Bolivia and Venezuela), Chile, and the United States. Their purpose is to handle all kinds of supernatural threats and keep things out of the public eye as much as possible.

And although many countries are not bound by The Crux Nexus, many nationalities are familiar and associated like the Germans, the Irish, the Welsh and the Scottish. Now more than ever, cooperation between nations to handle such magical and supernatural threats are necessary and enforced to instill peace throughout the world.

Even though they may not pinpoint a certain group or individual as they are just as dangerous than the other, no other than loosely knitted organization cause more panic and more strife called the Dark Nebula Coalition consisting of mercenaries and spell casters and other lawmakers who are in their back pocket that want to seize control of the Crux Nexus for themselves through sheer force or political ties.

However, over the years the Dark Nebula Coalition has gained most of the upper hand through their consistency and their effectiveness of seeing their plans go through. Even taking smaller victories other than taking big ones has benefited them in the long run. Now more than ever the Crux Nexus and all their affiliates must band together and try to cripple the Dark Nebula Coalition once and for all.


Cross Roads is set to be a slice of life/science fiction web novel that consists the theme of “magical girls”. This is inspired by many anime shows like Sailor Moon.The whole entire trope of the magical girl will not be focused like any other type of cartoon show that consists of them.

However, this is a deconstruction of this particular theme.What makes them popular and what makes them important in their own life.Pretty much, I will not be focusing on the glitz and glamour of a magical girl/superhero, but more behind the scenes and how it effects the people around them.

There will be times where they will face super villains.Even then, those kinds of tropes will be deconstructed.Many magical girl/superheroine cartoon shows rely on clichés.Cross Roads will be stripped bare of all of them. Cross Roads will be the trade as something as gritty and realistic. It will be set at a present day with an alternate timeline.

Since I’m dealing with the alternate timeline, I have a lot of freedom.Well of course I have freedom because as an alternate timeline, that’s what you would probably say.However, it’s more than that.They are a lot of as I should say tropes in TV and in cartoons that many creators fall back upon.I will like to use these as a tool to either pick apart these popular tropes and breathing new life into them or dress them down.

Moreover, by the fierce battles and evil organizations, that pretty much makes up 10% of the whole entire series.This series itself is heavily engrossed in character development.I guess you can say this makes up 90% of the web series.Most back stories and side stories don’t really convey much on who that person is or what kind of events shape and mold a person.In many cases, something happened in the past that becomes mentioned and then never fully emphasized on.

In this web novel series even the tiniest of character development will be emphasized and brought upon.Every decision that they have made one of his inadvertently or directly will shape and change not only their futures but everyone else’s features around them.I’m seriously going for the whole “the devil is in the details” kind of storytelling.Where everything that you do will have consequences not just in later chapters but in later story arcs in a series.


This campaign will help me cover the costs of publishing the novel independently, like the cover and formatting, as well as the cost of setting up an author website. If I exceed my goal of $2,000, I will use the extra money to pay for advertising and possibly some other marketing activities.
Risks and challenges

Unless a meteor falls from the sky and obliterates me before I can hit "send," there is not much risk involved with this project. The book is already written, and is already formatted for both the e-book and print book versions. The only issue I can foresee would be that if my day job gets too busy, it might delay me in sending rewards out to everyone as quickly as planned.

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