Crobow | Handmade Crochet Bow Ties
Crobow | Handmade Crochet Bow Ties

One does not simply wear a bow tie. It's a statement. It's a declaration of who you are. Just as every person on this earth is different, each of our hand-crocheted bowties are distinctly unique. Something as simple as a bow tie allows you to express who you are. And to Crobow, all people matter.



We pride ourselves in our product. Each and every bow tie is hand crocheted by one of us. Yes, real people, not machines. The yarn used to produce each bow is ethically produced and varies in fiber content. And not to worry, you don't have to tie these. It's as easy as buttoning the band around your neck.









Our goal is to one day provide every color under the sun for your choice of bows. To start, we went with the colors of fall. Fitting, we thought, because that's when we'll be delivering your orders.

Starting in the top left and working down, we have black, grey, white, tan, crimson. In the top right we have navy, light blue, green, gold, orange.










For those of you who may not be in the market for a bow but would still like to rock a Crobow product, we bring you our genuine leather bracelet. Mixing leather with a crochet chain is a perfect accent to any style.










On our quest to design a new bow for a new age, we wanted to start with the trends of today, chic minimalism. Beginning with yarn, we choose ethically made acrylic. It is durable and requires minimal to no maintenance all with a lower cost, meaning, we can offer the bows at a more affordable price. 


We decided on the single crochet stitch because of the stiff tension and neatness of the rows it produces. 

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To top it off, we went with a laser engraved button produced out of the mighty pines of a small farm in Alberta, Canada.













 Why did we want to launch our new product to Kickstarter? Because of you, the backer. You appreciate new ideas. You love to support those that are willing to start something new. You like to be a part of something bigger than yourself. We love that. What better place to unveil our new project than to you guys.










 If you like us, help us out by spreading the word. After all, you can never have too many bow ties, right?





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