Crises - A Berlin Trilogy
Crises - A Berlin Trilogy

This project has already launched.

 Berlin - the capital of modern day hedonism. We live a simple life, drinking cheap beer, smoking hand rolled cigarettes, making friends by sharing spliffs, biking from underground fetish parties to vibrant painting exhibits to experimental video installations; buying clothes at flea markets; browsing the outdoor Turkish stalls for seasonal vegetables, gorging ourselves on them, while we feed the swans in the canal; borrowing money from one friend only to lend it to another; working illegally to pay our modest rents; wearing sweaters in the house to keep the bills down; dancing until morning on any night and making love with whomever we wish. Wanderers from all corners of the globe come to Berlin, sharing stories and collaborating on art projects. There is a sense of freedom that doesn’t exist elsewhere. But with this freedom comes a precarious, nomadic life, devoid of stability or intimacy, punctuated by drunken stupors, sleepless nights, and emotional extremes.

 Crises: Identity, Authenticity, Loyalty tells the story of a generation in crisis through six intertwining stories, each following another dissolute figure in their daily struggles and adventures, as they try to be successful without compromising any of their ideals.

Desperate to free themselves of the social confines oppressing them, they are caught in a paradox. They all want to make it. But how can they do so within a society that imposes conventions and morality they refuse to subscribe to, and still stay true to themselves?

 It is from this conflict that our crises arise. The characters, the filmmaker, and the audience must ask themselves the same question: Why do we seek validity from a society we find to be unjust?

 Although these stories are specific, intimate portraits, they ultimately humanize a larger crisis to which we can all relate; they ask questions to which we all seek answers.

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