Crimson Blood
Crimson Blood

This project has already launched.

Crimson Blood is a dark fantasy in the world of Ara. A story of religious powers, great battles, and political intrigue.

We have taken quite a while to get here, almost a year, due to us creating the comic in one hell of a tight real world schedule and from only personal financial investments. Here it is, the end goal of Crimson Blood's issue one, to be completely water colored in all its glory. If you've read the process of how we've been creating the comic thus far, you know we are not even close to the studios full potential, but we have high hopes that if we can get the first issue off the ground then we can financially support new equipment and art supplies to improve the studios works overall. Extra funds are also needed to ensure a speedy process in water coloring the rest of the comic.

We here at The Last Alley will be able to finish the comic, both with and without color, with our given budget and limited time frame, but it will come at a cost of time, and a lot of it. Therefore we are reaching out to the community and kickstarter to offer a way of both supporting the studio and hurrying the project along. We cannot guarantee a specific release date at this moment, but we can guarantee a finished project within the span of 2018, and are hoping for a release window by April. The Crimson Blood aims to provide a compelling dark fantasy story of religious and political conflict across the scope of a living world, and brought to life by watercolor. We are now providing the means for you, the community and kickstarter, to not only support the studio and our projects, but to already lay claim on your digital or physical comic, or other paintings and art bundles. The first chapter is only 10 pages, and we are aware that it might sound like a small feet. But we are only two artists, with the help of generous commissioners, with full time jobs, trying to push our limits to create the best product we can provide with the given circumstances.

You are choosing to aid us in creating a platform that will offer not only our works, but future independent artists and commissioners, a place of community for those of art, and so much more. Your contribution will help us not only finish our current works, but afford the required material and equipment to produce better quality of comics and art overall in the future. You are supporting an idea for independent arts, and an independent business for the community. We humbly appreciate your investment not only to the studio, but to us artists, and to the art itself.

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