Criminal Investigations: With Woman's Tears
Criminal Investigations: With Woman's Tears

With Woman's Tears is a visual novel with point-and-click adventure elements where you take the role of an investigator with the FBI's Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARDS) team who are called in when a 14-year-old girl goes missing.

The game takes place over a ten day period in the fictional town of Monmouth, Rhode Island. The gameplay is split between traditional visual novel, point-and-click adventure, and a laptop interface where you do your research and investigation. Your skill as an investigator and your choices will determine the outcome of the investigation and the lives of those involved.

  • Explore the fictional town of Monmouth and uncover the secrets that lie within small town America.
  • Interact with a cast of complex characters, each with their own weaknesses and motivations.
  • Utilize an array of tools and techniques to uncover the truth of Madison’s disappearance
  • Experience a dynamic narrative where your every action has consequences
  • Test your investigative skills against one of the most challenging detective adventures ever created.
  • Discover a world of moral ambiguity, where doing the right thing may not necessarily mean getting justice.


Monmouth, Rhode Island:
Fourteen year-old Madison Bradley disappears on her way to school. There are no witnesses, no ransom demands and no sightings. Monmouth PD call on the FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment team to send one of their best agents to support the investigation. But when a second girl goes missing amid suggestions that both girls frequented an occult-themed website, media speculation is rife that the girls have been abducted by a “Vampire Cult”. Use your investigative skills to navigate through a complex web of truth and lies to find out what really happened to the girls and bring them home safely.

Each of the ten days in the game contains approximately two hours of gameplay.

The gameplay is split between traditional visual novel, point-and-click adventure, and a laptop interface where you will do your research and investigation. During the point-and-click adventure sections of the game, you will be able to explore your environments, collect evidence, interview witnesses and suspects, and offer advice and support to the local police. At any time, you can open up your laptop and start researching and investigating. In the laptop interface, you will be able to send and receive emails, search FBI and local police databases, review interviews and evidence, and more.

With Woman's Tears takes a unique approach to the investigation side of the game. In order to fully investigate the events featured in the story, you will be required to undertake genuine investigation and use your initiative. Evidence is not highlighted. Clues are not logged. Witness contradictions are not signposted. You are not told what you should research. You are given a set of tools and the opportunity to advise and interact with the local detectives, but ultimately you decide what to investigate.

Discovering every detail of the case will challenge your investigative skills to the limit. However, you will never become stuck or be punished if you are unable to solve some of the mysteries. As you are working as an advisor to the police, you can choose to take as much or as little involvement in the investigation as you wish. If you find the investigation too difficult or if you simply want to enjoy the story, you can simply let the police investigate the case. If you want to find every secret, you can do that too.

Of course, if you choose not to get involved in the investigation, there is no guarantee how the story will play out. Perhaps the police will uncover the truth. Perhaps they will not. Perhaps they will make a terrible mistake, resulting in a tragedy or a miscarriage of justice. There are over ten major endings to the main storyline with multiple endings to each of the game's subplots. Ultimately, you will get out of the investigation what you put in.

Providing we reach our minimum funding goal, we will be bringing the game to Windows, Mac and Linux. We expect to release on Steam, GOG, Humble Store and more. We are also keen to develop for iOS and Android devices, and this will be one of our stretch goals. Additionally, we are keen to bring the game to Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. This will also be a stretch goal. We are already registered as developers with Sony for PS4 and PSVita.

No Bull Intentions is a limited company, based in the United Kingdom. The Creative Director of NBI is Phil Ings, a programmer, writer and producer who has been working in the games industry for nearly fifteen years.

In January 2015, we released our first game, Supreme League of Patriots, on Steam, GOG, Humble Store and the Apple App Store. This episodic comedy adventure game was released on time and on budget. Many of the creative team from S.L.O.P. will be back if we hit all of our funding goals. Because the art style of "With Woman's Tears" is so different from our previous work, we have brought two new artists onboard as contractors. They produced the beautiful characters and environments you see in the screenshots and promotional artwork.

We have loads of great rewards planned for our crowdfunding campaign. As well as pins, posters, soundtrack CD and a physical art book, we will be offering the opportunity to be included in the game. Our character artist will draw you and our writer will integrate you into the story, either as an extra or as a genuine minor character.

Here are the proposed reward tiers, which are subject to change based on the feedback we receive:

Thanks and access to updates.

Your name in the credits plus all previous tiers.

Get the full game* for Windows, Mac and Linux on  Steam (subject to approval) and/or DRM free. Plus all previous tiers.

As above but when the early bird slots have all been taken.

Get the digital deluxe edition* of the game, which will include the soundtrack and a digital art book. Plus all previous tiers.

Get access to beta versions of the game. The first beta, featuring 2 hours of gameplay, will be available as soon as the campaign is funded. Plus all previous tiers.

Receive a poster (11x17) from a choice of characters in the game plus a choice of pins. Plus all previous tiers.

Our character artist will draw a picture of you (or a person of your choosing) from a photo or reference you supply. Plus all previous tiers.

You'll get a physical version of the art book plus a physical soundtrack CD. Plus all previous tiers.

Our artist will draw you (or a person you nominate) and our writer will create a minor character in the game for you. We'll try to accommodate your preferences without compromising the story. Plus all previous tiers. (Limit: 10)

Our artist will draw you from a photo (or whatever reference you prefer) and our writer will incorporate you into the game. We'll try to accommodate your preferences without compromising the story. Plus all previous tiers. (Limit: 10)

You'll get a producer credit in the game plus our eternal thanks and lifetime VIP access to all No Bull Intentions productions. You'll also get an invitation to the launch party (travel not included) where you can sup warm beer with the creator.

We are also keen to hear suggestions from you. What rewards would you like us to make available? Have we got the tiers in the wrong order or do you we have the values incorrect? Help us tweak the rewards so that they're right before we launch.

*For reference, the standard version of the game will sell for £20 and the digital deluxe edition will sell for £30. A digital deluxe add-on may be available separately but this has not yet been decided.

In order to bring this game to life, we need your help. Our artists need to be paid. In order to have full voice acting for the game, we need to pay our voice actors. Previous collaborators Kyle Hebert, Lucas Schuneman, Sandra Espinoza, Zach Holzman and Eric Fox are all keen to work with us, but we need to be able to pay them. If we are to bring the game to PS4 and PS Vita, dev kits will need to be purchased. We're hoping to work with composer extraordinaire Jake "Virt" Kaufman again on the soundtrack. We have some really talented people lined up to help us create this game. With your help, we can make a fantastic game.

Our Kickstarter goal is likely to be around $15,000 USD. We're still crunching the numbers to see if we can get it any lower without sacrificing quality or taking risks but it's unlikely to change much.


Reviews for Supreme League of Patriots:

  • "Kyle and Mel have a synergy that works so well within the game and their dialogue together is top notch." - Indie Game Reviewer [ 4/5 ]
  • "Supreme League of Patriots is well designed, screamingly funny, and worth the price of admission." - Just Press Start
  • "The results are hours of laughs with dashes of clever satire and groaning" - Examiner [ 4/5 ]
  • The colorful cast of characters and the creativity displayed by developer No Bull Intentions are thoroughly enjoyable, and the general feel-good vibe and comic-style art direction suit the gameplay really well - Softpedia [ 7.5/10 ]


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