Crime Opera Trilogy
Crime Opera Trilogy


The Crime Opera Trilogy

(The writing for this visual novel trilogy is complete, and they are currently undergoing editing and rewrites!)

Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect is over 64k words long, Crime Opera II: The Floodgate Effect is over 90k words long, and Crime Opera III: The Snowball Effect is a whopping 120k+ words!). These visual novels cover the lives of the Gallo crime family, from early childhood to adulthood, as they become more and more entrenched in the American Mafia underworld. 

Each of the three visual novels will come in two versions, and buyers will be given both versions for each individual entry they purchase. The first version will be a kinetic novel version (no choices included, just a straight read to the True Ending). The second version will include choices and multiple paths, complete with bad and false endings along the way as you push your way towards the True Ending.

The series was written by Sean Bester over the course of roughly 3 1/2 years, with plans to continue the series with a second (concluding) trilogy after the initial one has been released.


For fans of visual novels who have been yearning for something new and exciting, The Crime Opera Trilogy is a Crime Thriller visual novel series about a mafia family, the Gallos. The story is told through the eyes of the Gallo family, whose members begin the story as children in the first novel and eventually grow to become some of the most powerful and influential leaders in the history of the American Mafia.

The first novel follows the narrators in their early childhood, and focuses on their introduction into the Mafia world (via their parents). The sequel tells of their young adult lives as they become immersed in the shady underworld of organized crime. Lastly, the Gallo family’s rise to power is completed in the third novel, but at a cost far greater than any of them (or even you) could have imagined.

Crime Opera is a tale of both loyalty and deceit, murder and survival, and both the strength and frailty of familial bonds. These (six planned) visual novels follow the Gallos (from childhood to old age) as they are pitted against the outside forces of the mafia world, and eventually, each other as well. 

Each installment is divided into 24 chapters.  

Rated 17+ for language, and descriptions of adult situations and violence.



Narrators of Crime Opera 1

Kevin Gallo- 15 years old. Gerald’s son. An ambitious teenager who holds great respect for his father. 

Burtie Gallo- 8 years old. Youngest son of Xander. A troubled boy with a dark secret. 

Ronnie Gallo- 10 years old. Oldest son of Xander. An introverted boy who likes to go off on his own.

Izzy Gallo- 7 years old. Oldest daughter of Gerald. She is her daddy’s little princess. 

Amy Gallo- 6 years old. Youngest daughter of Xander. A girl who shows signs of schizophrenia. 

Shana Gallo – Begins the story at 12 years old. Oldest daughter of Xander. A caring young girl, wary of her father’s ways. 

Maya Gallo- 2 years old. Youngest daughter of Gerald. Only plays a minor role in this story, but a much bigger one in subsequent entries.

Supporting Characters



Gerald Gallo- The eldest of the two brothers running the family business. Calm and relaxed, and in complete control of his faculties. 

Xander Gallo- The youngest of the two brothers. He is hard headed, easily angered, and often violent. 

Alice Gallo- Married to Gerald. Bossy, sometimes mean, and never afraid to speak her mind. 

Molly Gallo- Xander’s young wife, and mother to all his children. Sweet, caring, and a good mother. 

Grandma Gallo- The Gallo matriarch. 

Serena McIntosh- Xander’s young mistress, often serves as a babysitter for the children. 

Hans Bianchi- An untrustworthy business partner who seeks to take advantage of the Gallos.

Albert Morris- A forthright man who seeks to end his business relationship with the Gallos. 

Terry Childers- Bianchi’s right hand man, although his loyalty to the man is questionable. 

Dean Gallo- A cousin of the Gallos, takes care of the odd jobs. 

Bodyguard- Xander is never seen without him. 

Gavin Russo- 12 years old. A poor boy who is a loyal friend to Shana. 




 SBester - Leader writer/producer. English Literature grad here. This series is pretty much an excuse to put those writing skills to use in a semi-professional way, I suppose. I’ve been writing Racketeers over the last 3 and a half years as a response to the anti-hero fad that’s been so popular as of late, in an attempt to fix what has bothered me about it for so long. I currently work as a recruiter for a call centre, and in my spare time I am either writing these novels, reading, playing video games, or playing guitar with my band (EX-GRAVITUS).

Jaytee Sketch – Character Artist. "A freelance artist with an Economics Degree and MBA. I have been doing art all of my life, as it’s something I love and have enjoyed doing it as a hobby (ywhich eventually became a job). Now I take it very seriously, doing game assets for indy game studios (TopHatStudios) that includes backgrounds and sprites for Visual Novels as well as other commission jobs such as small animations, portraits, and art assets to be used in a movie (How to Get Girls 2016). When I found out about Sean's project, and read it I loved it and thought it deserved to be brought to life. I feel happy when I can inspire others through my art, and with this project I think I'll manage to do that and more."

Solo Acapello – Musician. "Musician with a Master's degree in Music Composition. I've been writing music for a long time and have always wanted to use my skills to help tell a story. This is the perfect chance for that. While I have had pieces performed by the Toledo Symphony and String Quartet, among others, I am looking forward to creating music for games and am currently doing so full time."

 Currently Hiring for Background Artist.



Trey Fletcher - GUI creation and programming.

ExGravitus (Metal band) - Opening Song

Brandon Caskanette - Logo creation and promotional materials.







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