Meet the award winning Otto The Octopus... he has been like an extra pair of hands (or tentacles) in my household and I believe with your support could make the tricky stage of weaning easier for toddlers and parents across the world.   


Otto was developed when I was having difficulty feeding and weaning my three children, who were purely breastfed babies that refused to drink from bottles or use a spoon. They were therefore often left feeling unsatisfied after meal times.

I would often dream of a better solution and then inspiration struck. One day, I was watching a young child eat ice cream from an ice cream holder independently and with no fuss. I used this as inspiration to create a prototype out of my kitchen utensils which my 8-month-old daughter took to immediately.


After researching what other products were on the market, I found that the only available ones dispensed very runny puree food and not lumpy food which is a later stage of weaning and encourages children to like different textures and food types. 


Parents love Otto as it makes that transition from milk to solid foods much easier with less chance of choking and encourages children to feed themselves. It also provides the opportunity to offer them greater variety and often healthier foods. As many parents know, a well-fed toddler is also more likely to be happycontented and satisfied and therefore sleep better. It is also practical as it is easy to clean as well as being microwave, dishwasher and freezer proof.

Ideal for dinner times at home 
Ideal for dinner times at home

Children love Otto as it is fun to use, comes in a variety of colours, with an appealing character shape. It provides the toddler with a sense of independence from a young age whilst also soothing and stimulating gums helping to alleviate pain associated with growing your first teeth.  

Children love to play with Otto 
Children love to play with Otto



Healthcare professionals love Otto, as it comes with an anti-colic air system and the feeding system ensures children to move on from bottles at a younger age thereby reducing tooth decay which can often be caused by drinking fluids from a bottle.








The complete baby feeding system

Otto is the complete feeding system for your child. Each set comprises of the main chamber (giving Otto his eyes and personality), a plunger set, a soft spout perfect for introducing pureed foods, a masher, a mashing cup with lid and a leakproof cover for the spouts. The two additional spouts are available for different stages of weaning. 

The different spouts: 


Press Kit:  

The Press Kit contains everything you need to feature Otto the Octopus in publications, blogs and on websites.  



Praise for Otto the Octopus:

A'Design Award

Otto the Octopus has an award-winning design. Having been honoured with an A' Design Award for its product design. Judged by leading professionals the awards look for projects that focus on innovation, technology, design and creativity. The judges said: “We believe that your intelligent and diligent contributions to science and design through the creation of a superior product.”


Prime Designer of the Year 

Eleonora Fois, Founder and inventor of Otto the Octopus has also been nominated for the Prime Designer of the Year Award for the design of Otto. Winners are to be announced shortly. #gootto

Featured in:




Help Otto come to life:    

We have created Otto the Octopus to support parents through the weaning process.  The product is ready to do that however, we need YOUR help to spread the word and introduce people to Otto. Please share this on your social media channels and encourage others to share. #gootto







 Otto Rewards




I created Otto the Octopus as I felt that there is a real need for a feeding device that complimented the demands of weaning a child with the busy lifestyles that parents lead.  

My experience is in Pharmacy and Biochemistry and during my career and studies, I learned a lot about physiology and nutrition. This coupled with a passion for food, healthy living and a desire to pass on my knowledge to my children, gave me the inspiration and determination to invent a baby feeder that helps parents in the early stages of feeding a baby, whilst encouraging the baby to help themselves whilst feeding.  

As a mother of three children, I found the weaning stage with each of them difficult for a variety of reasons. I feel Otto will make a positive difference for busy parents, saving them both the time and stress of ensuring their child has had a fulfilling mealtime. #gootto

Since the inception of Otto The Octopus we have been working hard to mitigate the risks and challenges of bringing this product to market, undertaking significant market research, product development and testing (and not only on our own children!).

We have made significant progress in this project and already have functional samples that work and are ready for manufacturing. As someone new to developing products, I have worked with experienced organisations to get the product this far.

Delays in production and shipping are always possible but we already have manufacturers ready and have investigated shipping, the money raised through Kickstarter will give them the green light to go ahead and get Otto swimming our way.

As a mother of three I have been through the weaning stage with children a number of times and watched friends and family experience the same problems. I strongly believe that this product will support parents in the weaning process, give children the opportunity to not only try a greater variety of foods but also develop their speech and dentists also strongly recommend it too.

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