Crescent Hollow RPG
Crescent Hollow RPG

This project has already launched.

Crescent Hollow is an Action RPG, (2D Orthogonal). "As above, so below, discover the mysteries of the hollow". Step into the world of Anthropia where you can dynamically change the world environment. Will you help the empires of the world, or destroy them? Four different classes with unique stories, and around a dozen party units to summon at the barracks. ( Build your own party + Couch COOP)


  • There are currently 4 classes to choose from: Airship Pirate, Ninja, Druid, or Dark Knight. All 4 classes have been fully animated, have their own unique intro story, and wield around 20 powers each.
  • Real-time action combat, each class has about twenty powers and four to six standard attacks with their class weapon.
  • Dynamic airship battle system that allows you to experience real-time combat in the skies. You can fire cannons, upgrade your cannons, customize your sail, and you will have to repair your hull after certain battles.
  • Three controllable party members called "Party Units", mix and match them, level them up, unlock new powers. The barracks buildings can be found in any major Empire or town, and is used to summon your party units. *Each class starts off with their own unique party units.
  • HARVEST, CRAFT, BUILD. Harvest items from plants, trees, and enemies. Craft potions from the alchemy station, weapons/armor at the anvil, or cook food from the campfire. Gather wood, stone, and ore to build your empire from the ground up. You will also be able to farm to feed your people. The build system ties into the games main story quest, it will all make sense as you play


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