Create Style, Create Life.
Create Style, Create Life.


Thank you for checking our coming soon page!

We are CRESTY, an innovative EC platform that only carries CUSTOMIZABLE luxurious items from all around the world.

We will be running a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to develop the platform, and we would like you to help us making our vision come true!


CRESTY is the online shopping site that carries luxurious lifestyle items from all around the world. The features of these items are : 1) they are created by relatively unknown brands and manufacturers (like "hidden treasures"); 2) they are as closest as it gets to handmade with the finest craftsmanship;  3) 100% CUSTOMIZABLE.

In this campaign, we will be deploying our functioning customizing page with our starting brand and the products. You get to experience in advance what CRESTY offers, and of course, will receive the products in your own custom design as perks/rewards.

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We are international team of business professionals, creators, brand owners, and manufacturers.

Currently, we work closely with brands and manufacturers in Italy to start up the venture.


We will plan the system development after the completion of this campaign. Our estimation at this point is to conduct the campaign within later this year, and move onto the development phase by the end of this 2016, or from the beginning of 2017.


For our starting lineup, the manufacturing is done in Italy. Whereas, the overall business management and development are to be done in Japan or in the US. Since we would like to incorporate the project and deploy global business, the physical location of CRESTY is still under discussion.


We would like to change people's life through providing creative outlet in everyday shopping. We believe that there are inevitable constrains in everyday shopping because you are forced to choose from what is available, as oppose to what you really want. CRESTY allows you to take one step further and let you choose color and material for the products. And by carrying more and more items, we intend to make CRESTY as a portal, a cultural hub where people get to be more creative and free.


In summary, the followings are our steps in plan to developing CRESTY as new business :

  1. Conduct campaign
  2. Web design
  3. System development
  4. Product development (aligns with developing more brands and manufacturers)
  5. Incorporation
  6. Kick off!

Thank you for reading our pitch. Again, please sign up and get update to become part of our project from the get go!

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