Crazy Cat Stickers, Pillows, and Totes!
Crazy Cat Stickers, Pillows, and Totes!

This project has already launched.

I don't have any formal training in art and illustration, and I certainly don't claim to be half as good of an artist as the rest of the greater community. 

That being said, I love drawing!

I love cats!

I'd love to begin sharing my art not only with my friends and family, but also the other folks out there whom I have yet to meet. 

 I plan on turning the below four kitties (minus the MEOW) into individual stickers: 

 They're pretty cute, and they enjoy climbing over / peeking around each other: 

Sometimes they appear on pillows...

...and other times they like to climb on bags!

Although I agree that you can never have too many cats in the world, I only plan to produce 100 sets of stickers, and a limited quantity of pillows and totes. If all goes well, maybe I'll run this campaign again - with more crazy cats, and possibly other animals! 

I'm an illustratorwriter, and a junior at Brown studying Computer Science and Economics. 

Risks and challenges

I've used my artwork to create custom products in the past. This will be my largest undertaking in terms of the sheer quantity of stickers that I will be creating / people I will be sending them to, but I'm excited to limit this first set to 100 for quality and efficiency's sake! If this proves successful, I'll definitely be making more stickers in the future.

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