craption: the game of inappropriate captions.
craption: the game of inappropriate captions.

craption is a ridiculous new party game that counts on your lack of filter and inappropriateness. Unlike the majority of other games, craption if different every time you play. You can constantly create different captions with inside jokes, political humor or even sexual innuendos. 


The object of the game is to come up with the wittiest captions to your outrageous user-generated cards and get friends to pick your craption.

The person with a birthday closest to April 20th (Player 1), selects their favorite card from the deck. 

There are two types of picture cards available in the deck. The first options are pre-selected hilarious images found at #craptionthegame. The second options are direction cards- where you as players get to find the most up-to-date funny images. 


Player 1 selects one of the starter caption cards or decides if players are going all natural.

If players are having a hard time getting their creative juices flowing (aka haven't had enough beer yet), there are caption starter cards that can be used during each round. 


The rest of the players write a hilarious caption to go with the selected picture. Inside jokes, political humor or even sexual innuendos are highly encouraged. 

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Subtitles & Captions
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Make your video accessible in other languages and to deaf and hard-of-hearing backers.

Player 1 chooses which caption they like best. And the chosen player keeps the craption card.

Play continues clockwise* until one player collects the 5 craption cards (most-liked captions). *I understand most of you probably have a digital time telling device, so if you don't know what clockwise means....go left. 

Did I mention you have a chance to get your funny pictures into the final deck? 

 Want to be as famous as a Kardashian. 1. No you don't  2. This is not that opportunity 3. You DO have a chance to get your pictures into the final craption deck. Simply tag your funny pics to #craptionthegame.




Here's a 3D rendering of the box and here's what's included:

  • Image Cards/ ImageDirection Cards: 90 cards
  • What are Image Direction Cards? Some cards may ask you to pull up your own social media pictures, find something on the wall around you etc. 
  • Caption Starter Cards: 10 Cards
  • Notepads: 4 pads

There are NO additional Domestic S&H Fees. 

Unfortunately, it is realllllly expensive to ship outside of the US so there will be a $10 fee shipping to Canada and $18 fee shipping everywhere else in the world.

We will be using Amazon to fulfill and ship your orders. 


$10,000: 10 Bonus Cards

  • 8 extra picture cards and 2 extra starter cards 

$12,500: 25 Bonus Cards

  • 20 extra picture cards and 5 extra starter cards

$15,000: 50 Bonus Cards

  • 40 extra picture cards and 10 extra starter cards

$20,000: Themed Expansion Pack

  • If we reach, $20,000 during our campaign we will add an additional reward so you can get our first themed expansion pack

"I am not creative so I thought I would be bad at this game- and then I won! It's really fun to play. "




"I feel naughty after playing a game of craption."


"My favorite part is that it never gets old. With other games you get bored with the same cards after awhile- this is always new and refreshing."


"It's so freakin' awesome that we were even featured on the Chicago News" -me


Not really. My name is Chelsie and I am a marketing professional living in Chicago, Illinois (pretty anti-climactic, huh?)


I love games. Growing up my cousins and I used to make up and play different games in my grandma's basement. The favorite: Crocodile. 

This is my second attempt at launching craption but it's back and better than ever! Your friends will be happy you decided to invest your hard earned dollars on a game created by a foreign spy. 

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