Court Controller Basketball Dribbling Mask
Court Controller Basketball Dribbling Mask

This project has already launched.

The Court Controller Project is a product development venture I have been working on for the past 8 months. My goal is to provide basketball players of all ages an affordable and effective training tool for improving basketball dribbling, shooting and court vision skills. The aide will also improve player motivation and overall game play confidence.

So, what is the Court Controller?

The Court Controller blind-eyed dribbling mask is a soft, flexible training aide that improves a player's dribbling ability. To achieve this, each mask is incorporated with a blinder just below the eyes that blocks vertical peripheral vision. Disabling a player's ability to see his hands, feet and basketball while playing forces him to dribble without seeing the basketball. And over time, the player will unquestionably, undeniably learn how the basketball moves as he dribbles resulting in skilled ball control.

The training aide is one-size fits all. This is accomplished by having a 1/4 inch neuprene foam lining inserted inside each Court Controller. The foam contours to each athlete's unique facial curves providing a comfortable and stable fit.

All required items (mold, buckles, straps, plastic, foam) are ordered and ready for delivery within 30 days.  At this point, all steps to produce the Court Controller mask are complete, and I foresee no problems with getting the product to market by April 1.

I hope you find value in this project and how the Court Controller will improve basketball player's dribbling skills, playing ability and confidence.

Thank you for helping to bring this project to life. Your support will help produce more fundamentally sound and confident basketball players around the world.


Timur Tukel
Author, Air Alert vertical jump training
Developer, Court Controller basketball dribbling mask

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