Counting Down From One - An Indie Comic about Time Travel
Counting Down From One - An Indie Comic about Time Travel

Would you change the founding of a government? Could you? If it meant making sure a friend was never born? If it meant you weren't?

A comic about 5 time travellers who return to their past (still our future!) and attempt to change the history they grew up in. 

Why change history? There is a mysterious threat looming in the future that Humanity and its alien allies need to stand together to repel. Events occurred in the early history that caused society in the future to be unable or unwilling to stand and fight... and the people who sent them believe that this can be fixed.

The team are a group of young people, trained from birth to fulfil this mission and then live through history, correcting further events: 










Their mission is simple - assassinate a young man who will become one of the most powerful men in the Consortium, and shape society's destiny more than any other.

When they land naked and disoriented, someone is there for them, a contact who knows about their mission and is prepared to assist them.


They follow him away from their landing site and prepare for their mission.


Our Goal

We are the creators and writers of Era: The Consortium, a tabletop roleplaying game... but we also love comics, and one of our writers has experience creating them! The game offers years of history and the chance to time travel and change that history. We've always been interested in that possibility, and we want to tell that story.

So we made the first comic in this series a Stretch Goal for our game's Kickstarter. We did not want to stop with that issue, and had such a good response to the comic, that we to continue writing this story.

When we're funded, that will give us the time and money to write the second issue of this comic and get it out to everyone. Each Stretch Goal we hit will mean the comic can go on that much longer, it will be the minimum length of the series.

We intend to release this as PDF, on the Kindle store and Comixology (though the last of these tends to take a while at the moment) as well as on our own store!

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