CosyKiller Murder Mystery Subscription Box
CosyKiller Murder Mystery Subscription Box

This project has already launched.

Fed up of getting only junk mail?  Looking for something with a bit more thrill?

Cosykiller is a ground breaking project - it's not a book, it's not a board game, it's not a dinner party - it's a story line, which allows YOU as the detective to solve a murder set in the "golden age of fiction". 

Each box is packed with clues, keepsakes and mementos which you need to review and unravel.  What is important?  What is critical to solving the crime? Who are the suspects?  Do you have what it takes to piece together the evidence to make a coherent whole?  It's like an Agatha Christie novel but with you playing Miss Marple!  No conclusions are drawn; the puzzling and detection is up to you.

CosyKiller is the brainchild of Red Herring Games LTD - award winning specialist murder mystery providers who have been taking the world by storm for over 10 years.  They have supplied murder mystery events for small dinner parties right through to conferences and brand activation activities for major corporations. 

As with all small businesses, new projects like this can only be brought to life with funding, and we are keen to ensure an "experience" - and want to make this the best it can be.  We can write and design the story - as that's what we DO, but to bring that story to life it requires a lot of graphic design, product sourcing and bespoke printing - all of which needs outsourcing - which means upfront money.  And this is the challenge we face.

£40,000 of pledges, sounds like a lot - but we only need 133 people to sign up to the annual subscription (and who wouldn't want to get the WHOLE story at a massive discount with extras?) and we've hit the target! 

133 isn't a lot.  And we feel sure there are at least 133 amateur armchair sleuths out there raring to get their teeth into a brand new murder mystery experience.

We aim to have the first box ready for Christmas - so if you want to be the FIRST to play CosyKiller - sign up now.  Our Kickstarter scheme offers the subscription plan at a massive discount, AND you get extras too!  It would be a fantastic present for a super sleuth who need a year full of puzzling treats!

Please do share our project with friends you think might be interested.  For us - this is as much about raising awareness of a new product in the market place as it is about getting the funding. 

As with all kickstarter plans, if we don't meet our target, then you don't have to pay.  But we feel sure this is a winner!  Help us by pledging!

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