Corporate Cthulhu: Twenty Tales of Bureacratic Nightmare
Corporate Cthulhu: Twenty Tales of Bureacratic Nightmare

This project has already launched.


Of all bureaucracies, corporations are the most powerful, seeming to have a life and will of their own. They're privately held with a multi-national reach, seemingly bottomless resources, and armies of lawyers jealously guarding their trade secrets. Corporate culture fiercely resists any attempt to change or regulate it, and anything and everything is justified by the bottom line. If ever there was a place for a cosmic horror to hide, grow, and thrive, it's deep within the paperwork of a huge bureaucratic corporation.  Who needs a Cthulhu Cult when you've got Cthulhu, Inc.?

Into this insidious world are thrust our heroes—the curious, the puzzled, and the frustrated. Defying authority, seeking answers they'd be better off not knowing, the secrets they discover threaten their sanity and their lives. Will they become the next whistleblower media hero? Or the next no-call / no-show their coworkers promptly forget? Just remember: it's nothing personal—it's just business.

Pickman's Press has been working on this anthology for almost a year.  The submission call has gone out, the slush pile read through, and a wide variety of the best stories selected. The authors are on board, an excellent cover artist confirmed, and the budget drawn up. Everything’s ready to go—all we need now is the funding to bring this anthology to life!


  • It Came From I.T. by Gordon Linzner
    Starbright Enterprises attempts to recreate the Shining Trapezohedron with a 3D printer.
  • The God Under the Church by David Tallerman
    The new CEO of Tettenkorf Import & Export learns his company has a dark past and even darker secret.
  • Esoteric Insurance, Inc. by Evan Dicken & Adrian Ludens
    Life in Innsmouth just isn't the same since the Esoteric Order of Dagon incorporated.
  • Refusal by DJ Tyrer
    A Victorian merchant squares off against a crew refusing to sail their cargo ship through a certain part of the South Seas, fearing the demon Tulu beneath the waves.
  • Forced Labor by Peter Rawlik
    In 19th century New Orleans, the new heir to Delapore Chemical investigates why employees at the steam plant keep disappearing.
  • Casual Friday by Todd H. C. Fischer
    No temp has ever lasted more than a week at Hygon Solutions . The newest one finds out why.
  • Welcome to the Rlyeh Corporation by James Pratt
    New employee orientation, including dhole safety procedures and hyper-dimensional etiquette.
  • Death Pledge by Jeff Deck
    An investigation into mortgage default and inside trading brings a banker face to face with the Cult of Yog-Sothoth.
  • No Doves Come From Raven Eggs by Mark Oxbrow
    A whistleblower risks life and sanity to reveal what Kongshavn Deepwater Oil is really looking for on the ocean floor.
  • Facilities Management at Dagocorp HQ by L Chan
    Please immediately report any patches of shoggoth slime; it's a slipping hazard.  Also, do not open the electrical access panels in the floor under your desk.  Just... don't.
  • Career Zombie by John Taloni
    Just how far will management go to obtain cheap labor?
  • The Loponine Exploitation by John M. Campbell
    When Elton Pharmaceuticals discover a way to mine valuable organic material from higher-dimensional space, something else crosses over too.
  • Tindalos, Inc. by Charlie Allison
    When coworkers don't show up for work at Tindalos, Inc., it's best not to go looking for them.  And avoid corners.
  • Like a Good Neighbor by Wile E. Young
    When an unusual piece of corporate artwork arrives in the lobby of State Ranch Insurance, their business culture begins to change in disturbing ways.
  • Maryanne's Equations by Harry Pauff
    When Maryanne's new job seems to take over her life, no one seems concerned—except her lifelong friend and coworker, who knows enough to be worried.
  • Boedromion Noumenia by Andy Scott
    A policeman's investigation of a bizarre suicide leads him to Malakakis Media and its search for a unique corporate branding symbol.
  • Retraction by Marie Michaels
    A publishing company's decision to print a controversial article in a scientific journal triggers outrage, investigation, and mystery.
  • Shadow Charts by Marcus Johnston
    An auditor investigating a private hospital's charting discrepancies begins to suspect they're hiding something.
  • Wholesome Labor by Sam Rent
    A labor relations team from Wholesomes Superstores tries to crush a small town's attempt to unionize, but are not prepared for what they find.



We add two more beautifully written stories about Hastur, the King in Yellow.

  • The Shadows Lengthen in the Close by Ethan Gibney
    After Haste Industries buys their company, life improves for the business, the employees, and the community… but at a devastating price.
  • Incorporation by Max D. Stanton
    Hastur Capital’s lawyer slowly realizes the company’s true goal isn’t to serve a god, but to become a god.


We add three more corporate comedies, parodies, and satires set in the Cthulhu Mythos.

  • Clean Up Aisle Four by Josh Storey
    A new employee gets caught up in a cosmic battle between the Knight Shift and the Barista Priests over control of the Circle Mart. For $7.25 an hour.
  • Festival Preparations by Justin Bailey
    A dark parody of Burning Man culture, replacing the rules and standards of the community with a decidedly Lovecraftian twist.
  • Dagon-Tec by Adam Millard
    A hilarious modern-day parody of H.P. Lovecraft’s Dagon.


We add a final military fiction story.

  • Apotheosis by Darren Todd
    In the future, corporate mercenary armies fight Lovecraftian kaiju—and lose—until a lowly Captain finally figures out how to kill one.


Any funds raised over the third and final stretch goal will be put toward our next anthology, Political Cthulhu, hopefully to be released in time for the 2020 US presidential election campaign season!

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