CornWars - The Farming-Shooter-Game
CornWars - The Farming-Shooter-Game

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Welcome to our Project - we are glad you finally landed here.

Did you ever try to shoot a bullet into the ground and see what happens?
Probably it will grow a big beautiful tree of pistols or bullets or probably it will just be a bunch of wheat plants… Who knows? 
We do. 

Welcome to Corn Wars! You need to plant seeds and sell the fruit to be able to buy better seeds, weapons and pay your taxes.
Oh! Wait! Weapons? YES! They are… like… Uncommon tools for farming...?

The idea came up during Ludum Dare 41 Game-Jam and we had much positive criticism and lots of support during our live-coding-streams.

What is CornWars?

It is basicly a farming simulation with quests and shooter elements. For example you have to aim and shoot a moving target to plant a seed into the farmland using a gun. Further you can get bombs, grenades, a tank and so on...

There are many different weapons, plants and fruit.

Occasionally you got diseases and opponents which may make the task of fulfilling your quests a bit harder...

Interested? Head over to our kickstarter page to learn more!

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