Cork, Nature, Future..
Cork, Nature, Future..

Grow From Nature & Cork Wholesale


Hey people my name is Bruno Pinheiro and I am a founder of GFN and Cork wholesale, living in Portugal its easy to find cork products, around 60% of OAK trees in the world lives here near me. 

I had start all this after left my job has a cabin crew, flying the world, looks the dream job yes? It is (from 18 to 30 year old), building culture, adapting to many different situation but like all things in life has bad things too. 

Wanted to build a family and start a new adventure, build my road.  without bosses, chefs and so on... and... I was looking for cork my entirely life and buying, so I had combine the two factors:

  1. Vegan / Organic /sustainable leather
  2. Made in Portugal

At the moment we are getting lots of people in a few Country's interested in buying,  represent and become a distributor of cork products. That´s why we had created the platform to wholesale.

We have already people in US, Greece, Denmark, Zambia, England  and Canadá working with us.

We are in the stage that we need capital to buy and build a large stock, development of the websites, designs and find people with expertise to work with us. 

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