COOLPEDS CarryOnE. The most compact E transporter
COOLPEDS CarryOnE. The most compact E transporter

This project has already launched.

(Manhattan Beach, CA, January 29, 2017) – A perfect last mile connector, a power bank, a ‘mini-Tesla’ at hand, the COOLPEDS CarryOnE is all of these and more. A mobilizing device for short commutes or mobility at airports, campuses and neighborhoods, CarryOnE is now open to crowd funding on Indiegogo, with a working model already in production.

Coolpeds USA, the maker of world’s lightest solar powered and electric transporters, tasted success with its Coolpeds briefcase electric scooter 1.0. The newly patented CarryOnE with aluminum as base will again transform traveling and commute with speeds up to 12 mph. This means a 30 minute walk can now be accomplished in just 5 minutes of fun ride. CarryOnE is the world’s lightest electric scooter, weighing less than 10 lbs when the bag is detached.

On the technical front, CarryOnE is powered with a 200 watt compact, brushless hub motor, and meets most airlines’ requirements. The unit features a USB charging port, fast 2 hour charging, a detachable case, loading capacity of up to 220 lbs, durable polyurethane wheels and high quality Lithium Ion batteries. There is an optional upgrade to a solar powered backpack.

CarryOnE is ideal for last mile transport to office, subways and train stations. Users have loved it on school campuses, reaching boarding gates faster, for sight-seeing, and in a myriad other situations. Reviews from current users reveal the immense ease and practicality of CarryOnE.

“Commuting in downtown San Francisco was quite a headache before. The Coolpeds has solved this problem for me,” said one user.
“Riding the Coolpeds from my dorm to my classes saves me tons of energy and time,” said a student user.

“Ingenious design in a clean and efficient package. It gives me a smile every time I ride it. Great for city commuting!” said a city user.

Founded by Tony Chan, a UCLA graduate with over 15 years of manufacturing, international marketing, and automotive racing technology experiences, Coolpeds USA aims to create fun, reliable, affordable and green transportation to everyone around the world. With award winning electric scooters and upcoming technologies, Tony and his team of world class engineers and designers love to integrate advanced technologies in Coolpeds products.

The Indiegogo campaign for CarryOnE now offers a special discount of up to 50% of for a limited time.
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