"Coolest Men's Rings Around"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLdW-QLtav0Meticulously hand-sculpted men's rings in precious metals are inlaid with rare and unusual gemstones - symbolic, inspirational, and empowering!


Let's face it, if you walk into a jewelry store looking for a non-wedding men's ring for yourself or as a gift, the offerings are few and boring at that.  We wanted to change that.  So, in 1993, as long-time fine jewelry manufacturers, we began a 20+ year journey designing and developing our Classic Collection of men's jewelry for fine jewelry stores.

But what were men really looking for?  Through much trial and error, we discovered that symbolism for many men is what really attracts them to our jewelry.  And so, our master hand-sculpted designs came to be inspired by animals, legends, mythology, history, architecture, and heraldry.  And we even went further!  We began amassing a collection of rare and unusual opaque rough gemstones with vibrant colors and exceptional patterns that we would expertly cut and inlay into our jewelry.  Many of these rough gemstones are uniquely ours: Crystalline Silver, Mayan Skystone, Copper Quartz, and 400,000,000 year old Fossilized Stingray Coral.  Other uncommon gemstone materials like fossilized dinosaur bone, azurite/malachite, tiger iron, Alaska Rainforest, and Alaska Red Russian join historical favorites like black jade, lapis lazuli, and bloodstone to round out our top selections for men.


As the price of gold and platinum has moved into the stratosphere, pricing on our men's Classic Collection of rings has followed suit, making them affordable for only the privileged few.  Our project is to fulfill our singular passion of bringing our "Coolest Men's Rings Around" (quoting innumerable jewelry store owners and consumers) to market so that all men would have the opportunity of owning one or more of our hand-crafted masterpieces at very affordable prices.  Towards that end, we have selected our most popular men's gemstone rings to create a new sterling silver collection, "Coolest Men's Rings Around," launching on Kickstarter April 16, 2015.  Please click on the following link to preview our complete project:


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