Coolest Clock
Coolest Clock

This project has already launched.

Coolest Clock – Simply a beautiful and unique projection clock that can be personalized to display a variety of clock faces and information.



Why do we all still have the same clocks with the same boring faces like nothing happened since the earliest sun clocks were created centuries ago?

Clocks with just the numbers & hands just like our grandmothers had?


No, of course everything DOES NOT have to be smart or cool.

However, the fact is, we glance at a clock face several times and a clock is one of the most frequently consulted devices during the course of a day. Personally, it bores me when it`s always the same and in that way.. you know..

Long story short:

- we have internet, smart phones and almost everything that our grandmothers could not have even dreamed about.

So, why don`t we have something really cool about our clocks, too?

Coolest, Smarter, Whatever, 

Gerry will not be happy about these features. 


Introducing the Coolest Clock:

A highly versatile projection clock that is designed to project a lot more than time:

A one-of-a kind, smart and multi-purpose device that lets you view a variety of information along with the time via colorful, bright and attractive ‘faces’.

The secret is: Rocket Science, Magic and Love.

Smart faces that can be personalized to display the weather, Facebook status, tweets from your friends, your family`s location on the map, photos, breaking news from your favorite channels, sports scores, and SIMPLY; more.

  A compact and stylish device that can be mounted on the wall and plugged in to a power supply.The clock is controlled by a smartphone app so you can control the features and decide on what information to display from your smartphone or the web.

Users or clock owners can log in to their smartphone app and personalize the clock’s projection in many ways. They can choose from several attractive clock faces, and decide on what information should be displayed on the clock face.

This is especially useful to send updates from your smartphone to anyone at home who can then view the information on the clock face, such as your location, the song you are listening to, your latest photos, and many other such personal information to stay connected even when you are on the move.


-- this is the same guy with the belly.
you see, with the coolest clock there is no belly and much love.



Unique and attractive clock ‘faces’:

There are a variety of cool clock ‘faces’ for you to choose from, depending on your mood, your style or even just to match the room’s décor:

Customizable clock faces:  Several face elements are available which can be easily arranged by the users via an app, or mobile even they are traveling in a taxi, in another city, or out of the country, from just about anywhere in the world.

Wall projection:
Coolest Clock projects the date, time and other information on to the wall, so that you can view it even from across the room. Whether you are viewing the clock face at night or from a distance, you can still see the time and the rest of the clock face without having to turn on the lights or reach for your glasses.

Adjustable projection:

With the smartphone app, you can adjust the size and brightness of the projection, so you can display the time in the most comfortable viewing format.

Live location indicator:

Coolest Clock’s unique feature allows the owner (with the smartphone app paired with the clock) to show his or her position on the map. For example, if he is driving back home, he could show his position on the map live, to inform his wife at home. Even when he is away in another country, he might show his position on the map, or send photos to be shown on the clock`s face (projection).

Media updates:

The users would be able to show their Facebook status, latest tweets, or even the latest news from different sources (CNN, ESPN, etc.). These can be organized also as "update intervals" and show updated content at regular intervals.


Use your clock to motivate or inspire you with your favorite quotes! Users can display their favorite quotes, or ‘quotes of the day’ on the clock face.

Weather updates:

Check the day’s weather and also week’s weather outlook on your clock face.

Stay on schedule:

The clock face can display your ‘to-do’ list or your daily planner/schedule. So, every time you look at the time, you can check whether you are on track with your schedule or planned activities.

Energy saver:

The Coolest Clock would have a beacon (a low energy bluetooth chip), inside the clock device which can be paired with the user’s smartphone, so that the clock could turn on or off, or show the content only when he or she is near or in the same room. This can help save energy, and turn off the clock projection or face where no one is around to view it.

Adjustable Clock Skins:

You can adjust the clock faces and/or clock face elements, like switching clock hands showing from digital to analog time if you prefe or playing with other elements on (and of) the "face".

Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment:

You don’t need to turn back your clocks at 2 am any more for Daylight Savings Time! The Coolest Clock automatically updates itself according to the Daylight Savings Time schedule.

Multiple Time Zones:The Coolest Clock can display any time zone you choose. There is also the option to display more than one time zone at a time. You can view a dual clock with two time zones, or many more clocks displayed simultaneously.

Remote control:The Coolest Clock comes with a compact remote which lets you control the device from a distance, especially if the smartphone is not near you, or if the smartphone coupled with the clock is not yours. You can turn the projection on/off, adjust music, alarm and other available functions. You can also adjust the volume and display brightness.


Stretch Goals - Will be added if we could reach the main GOAL:

While we will try our best to incorporate as many cool standard features as possible, production costs may restrict us to the few default features listed above if we just meet our funding goals.

If we surpass our minimum funding goal, then we plan to build in these additional useful and super-cool features into the Coolest Clock, as our stretch goals. So, do support us and help make this clock the coolest ever!

We want to take Coolest Clock further and manufacture it in many different colours to match your individual home/room designs. Should we reach our goal, we will be adding in options for new colour and material choices.

Adjust display brightness:Coolest clock would have a brightness adjuster which will allow you to increase or decrease the brightness of the clock face to a comfortable level. This is especially useful at night, so that you can dim the clock face and view it without disturbing your sleep.


We plan to have a powerful set of speakers built into the Coolest Clock device, so that you can hear the alarm, FM radio and music with great sound quality.

MP3 docking station:

Coolest Clock would come with a neat docking station for your MP3 devices so that you can recharge your MP3 player and listen to music from the clock’s speakers.

White noise and soothing alarm sounds:Our plan is to incorporate calming white noise into the clock so that you can get a peaceful night’s sleep without being disturbed by outside noises. Also, you could set your alarm to a pleasant and non-jarring sound for a soothing wake-up in the morning. You can choose from nature sounds, white noise, and other sounds.

Wake up to sunlight:Imagine a clock that slowly gets brighter, mimicking sunrise, so that you can wake up naturally. Our aims are surely having all of these features on the clock. Stay tuned also for updates on when these additional features will be available like:

Countdown timers:Coolest Clock will be able to count down to special dates and occasions—no more excuses for forgetting birthdays and anniversaries!

Alarm System:

Coolest Clock will feature an advanced alarm system soon, with snooze buttons that can be turned off from your smartphone.


Radio alarm clock:Wake up to your favourite FM radio station with this planned feature, which will let you set the alarm for a radio station.

Interactive world map:

A cool world map displayed on your clock that you can adjust and customize, with different time zones.

Themed clock faces:

You would be able to choose from various themes such as landscapes, sceneries, city scapes, Disney, Ice Age, and many more!

Photo slideshows:Have a series of photos displayed in a slideshow format- from your recent travels or your favorite family photos.

Text messages and SMS display:We  are working to add a feature for displaying incoming etxt messages, SMSs and MMSs on the clock, so that you can see your new messages from where you are and you don’t have to reach your phone.




Our Product Development

"It is the essence of genius to make use of the simplest ideas."


While we were working on the design and product`s functions, we also brainstormed adding several new features in the app to increase the functionality


in the same time, we worked on having a feature to fetch and show the RSS Feeds from Facebook and Twitter - we tried many way to have it done:

Next with a few more materials, we went about preparing a feature for showing what you are listening to at that moment (first on a display module via an Android App). The coding is already completed for this stage and we have been able to successfully show “What the user is listening to now” on the module.

We have already progressed with the first and big steps to create the real software and the product, and we are in the process of working out any possible problems before we produce the actual clock device itself and bulk manufacturing.

Technical Specs:

Our candidate Projector`s Module Specs: Display: Syndiant SYL2030 LCOS

Light Source: RGB LED - Resolution: WVGA (854x480)

Aspect ratio: 16:9 - Focus: manual slide

Image size: up to 60" - Throw Ratio: 1.05

Contrast ratio: 100:1 - Brightness: 9 lm

LED Life: 10,000 Hours - Height: 6.8mm - Volume: 6.2cc

Polarization Conversion: PG-PCS with parented PG & MTR Technology (Up to 90% conversion efficiency)

Micro-display and controller: Syndiant SYL2030 and SYA1022

Active Area: 0.21" diagonal active area

Video input: standart 8-bit RGB / Combined Power: 415mW

Size and Shape:

Dimensions: 34.0mm x 25.1mm x 6.8mm


Currently, we are working on controlling the light display, working intensively on code and developing a fully working prototype as we would like to have (we also use Raspberry Pi to get more in an easier way):



Which phones/devices can the app be used with?

At this time, the Coolest Clock app works on any iOS based smartphone and tablet. We will also plan to make it available on Android phones soon.

How far away can I be from the device to operate or change things on the clock face?

You and your smartphone do not need to be near the clock device in order to operate it or customize the features. It works on Wi-Fi, so you can change settings or the clock faces from wherever you are- even from another country!

Is the clock device battery-operated?

No, there is no need for a battery. The clock projection device can be plugged into an electrical socket and you can turn it off/on as required.

Where can I use this clock?

You can use it in your living room, kitchen, your office, and just about anywhere you like. The clock faces come in a variety of colors and designs (you can choose these from your smartphone app), so you can match them with the décor in any part of your home or office.

How large and/or heavy is the device?

The projection device is sleek, stylish and compact, and it is designed to be mounted on a wall. So, it is not large or heavy, and can easily be hung on any wall with the mounting attachment provided along with the device.

When will it be ready to ship?

We plan to have it ready for shipping before Christmas 2015. It’d make a great Christmas gift for family, friends, and colleagues!

Will you be adding more features to the app/clock?

Yes, we are constantly working to add new features and cool ideas into the Coolest Clock, and we would love your suggestions on what you would like to have as additional features. You can email us at the contact info provided on the campaign page. Some of these additional features will be part of our stretch goals, which are listed below.

Will it really CHANGE THE WORLD like in the movies?
No, but it might make a difference in a positive manner.

Does it cook?
- No, we left some of the best and more humanistic features to ourselves.

Is Gerry a real thing or you just created with CGI?

Sure, Gerry is real and he`s not a thing.

Does it love you back?

- We`re trying to have a really beautiful device at our home that we can all feel and hope that it also loves us back as we love what we do and try to achieve with it much.


We want to bring you the Coolest Clock with absolutely the highest quality, and on schedule. We have a cushion built in into this schedule, but hope and plan to get to shipment faster. Here are the key milestones and schedule:

January/March 2015: Campaign here, funding. Setting any extra strech goals.

March/April 2015: Receive circuit boards.

May/August 2015: Assemble prototypes. 

September/October 2015: Complete prototype bring-up and testing and make any necessary engineering changes. Complete software development. 

September/November 2015: Line-up manufacturing and assembly relationships. 

November / December - Before Christmas 2015: Final Articles roll off the production lines. Finalize shipment arrangements. Production and Shipment.


We are a small team and, so far, have been entirely self-funded. Your pledge will help us finance our tooling and first round of production. Ideally we would like to stay self-funded to maintain control over our process, growth, and vision. Any additional funds will cover operating costs and allow us to develop as a company on our own terms. But even if we don’t make enough to become self-sustaining, your support will put us in a better position if and when we need to find outside funding.


Risks and challenges

We've worked with a lot of electronic projects for years and know very well how tough it can be.

MANUFACTURING: Our team has experience in dealing with suppliers and manufacturers in order to meet customers’ expectations. We are 100 per cent committed to delivering a well executed, high quality and safe product. We will be working with reliable manufacturers who have experience in delivering excellent products in large scale quantities.

PRODUCT ADJUSTMENT: There is always the risk of delay in any manufacturing process. We will communicate with our backers throughout the process to keep everyone informed and up to date on our progress.

FULFILMENT: Our suppliers are ready to go and with your support we can make Coolest Clock happen. Any pledge amount brings us one step closer to our goal.


this campaign will only receive funds if at least the GOAL is raised by its deadline. Otherwise all "money" for the perks from the backers come, will be refunded fully without any fees or costs.



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