ConvertCases - One Case, Endless Possibilities...
ConvertCases - One Case, Endless Possibilities...

With the overwhelming number of unique phone cases on the market, we found ourselves purchasing multiple phone cases with different features or styles, and wasting time and money switching the entire phones cases for simple tasks or different situations. We soon decided that people should only need one quality phone case, that can be quickly adjusted, stylized, or adapted to meet the customer’s current needs. We believe we have created the last phone case you will ever need to buy, with endless functional possibilities, limited only to our users’ imaginations.

Below is the video of what we designed to fix this problem:


Custom printed images that can be swapped out and changed.. without changing the entire phone case:


Unique designs that allow you to stash credit cards, kickstand your phone, open bottles, or even neatly store your earbud headphones:


Patent-pending latch system that will be the thinnest latch system ever offered on a phone case:

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