Contemporary, luxury jewellery & storage boxes
Contemporary, luxury jewellery & storage boxes

This project has already launched.

Inject style and personality into wherever you call home or work.

The Lund Luxe storage collection from new homeware brand Lund London adds class to any space, whilst also taking care of the things that mean the most to you. Whether it’s a favourite piece of jewellery, a precious watch, pen or anything else with sentimental value, the Lund Luxe collection enables you to store your treasures safely and stylishly.

The Grand Duke in Oil Slick
The Grand Duke in Oil Slick

Our small but intrepid team of creative designers, located from a home studio south of London, have over 35 years combined experience in the design and homeware industry. Our core inspiration was the opportunity to break away from the high street’s predictable cycle of limited colour choices and unimaginative designs. 

The Lund Luxe collection finally offers customers what they want; new and exciting products, built to an extremely high quality with fresh, unique colours. 

This curated collection offers four beautiful pieces in three exquisite colours.  

What have we achieved so far?

Having launched in February 2016, and with just 3 full-time employees, we have been amazed with how well our products have been received. 

In our first 10 months, using our expertise in the homeware industry, we have achieved some incredible things:

  • Our products are now being sold in 22 countries worldwide
  • We now work with 170 retailers
  • Lund London products are being sold at some of the most prestigious stores, high-end fashion shops and sought-after retailers in the world:

We have been truly blown away with how well our products have been received and how much we have achieved, and we've learnt a lot from our first 10 months trading.

With no external investment or debt, we have been able to make the biggest impact that the homeware industry has seen for years, by putting our unique, contemporary twists on high street products.

Now we need your help to take our business to the next step.

The Lund Luxe Collection

The Lund Luxe collection is an evolution and reimagination of one of our first concepts; the 'Chocolate Box' collection. We have been amazed at the response we have received for our two sizes, with a choice of classic tones of silver, gold and rose gold. 

The boxes have been featured in many articles such as British fashion and lifestyle magazine Tatler Magazine and the French fashion and homeware publication Elle Decoration, as well as being sold at some of the most stylish and high-regarded shops around the world. 

Extract from Tatler Magazine’s Desirable Designs page:

“Lund London’s exquisite collection of home accessories will help you bring alive the nuances of your personality in the aesthetic of your home. Renowned for their unique style and exceptional quality, they enable you to create elegant accents and stunning centerpieces for every room, such as the ‘Chocolate Box’ collection shown here” 

The original pieces from the 'Chocolate Box' collection
The original pieces from the 'Chocolate Box' collection

After the release of our first 2 boxes in June, we spoke to our high-end fashion and homeware partners.

Those discussions inspired our designers to reimagine the Chocolate Box, and the Lund Luxe collection was born.

The Lund Luxe collection has the same high quality and shimmering high-gloss finish as the 'Chocolate Box' range, with some exciting new features:

  • Unique, contemporary new colours
  • Four exciting new sizes
  • Compartments and jewellery inserts
  • Brand new jet black high quality cotton lining
  • Change of logo to allow a high gloss, perfectly flat lid
  • Specialised tooling to add beautifully curved corners
  • High quality hinged lids

The range comes in three high-shine, metallic colours

  • Oil Slick
  • Rose Gold
  • Gunmetal

The Oil Slick Range

Here at Lund London, we have come up with our most creative and unique range to date – the Lund Luxe Oil Slick Range. The high gloss oil slick finish brings a unique and stylish twist on classic jewellery and storage boxes.

Our innovative dual-plating production process ensures that every piece is unique – each is initially electroplated to produce a brilliant chrome mirrored finish, and then vacuum plated to incorporate a gradient colour effect, using our mix of petroleum colours. Walk past one way and the box shimmers purple, but look back a moment later and see a swirl of orange and yellows.

Each piece is truly one of a kind. 

The Rose Gold Range

Taking inspiration from our best-selling colour of the 'Chocolate Box' range, we are introducing rose gold options to the Lund Luxe collection. A classic colour and the height of fashion, any rose gold piece brings a beautifully seductive feel to both the outside and the inside, taking care of your most prized possessions while simultaneously acting as an illuminating accent to any room.

 The Gunmetal Range

Our second brand new colour is Gunmetal - a shade of deep grey with shimmering silver and blue tones. The high-gloss finish brings a level of subtle style and real class to any room.  

The Pieces

We have designed and crafted four entirely new sizes for the Lund Luxe collection:

  • The Sovereign
  • The Highness
  • The Duke
  • The Grand Duke

The Sovereign - Reward #1 and Reward #2

The smallest of the Lund Luxe range, perfect for cufflinks, brooches or the bracelet that means something special.


  • Height: 8 cm
  • Width: 8 cm
  • Depth: 2.8 cm
  • Weight 265 g


  • Early Bird Special Price: £22.50 / $30 - Only 50 available. Available in Rose Gold and Gunmetal
  • Estimated RRP: £45 / $60 
  • Kickstarter Special Price: £35 / $45 
The Sovereign in Oil Slick (Reward #2)
The Sovereign in Oil Slick (Reward #2)


The Sovereign in Rose Gold (Early Bird Reward #1 and Reward #2)
The Sovereign in Rose Gold (Early Bird Reward #1 and Reward #2)


The Sovereign in Gunmetal (Early Bird Reward #1 and Reward #2)
The Sovereign in Gunmetal (Early Bird Reward #1 and Reward #2)

The Highness - Reward #3

The Highness is our version of an adult pencil case – perfect for at home or at the office. Subtly yet stylishly bringing to life a tidy desk.


  • Height: 18.7cm
  • Width: 4.7 cm
  • Depth: 1.5 cm
  • Weight: 225g


  • Estimated RRP: £55 / $70
  • Kickstarter Special Price: £45 / $55
The Highness in Oil Slick (Reward #3)
The Highness in Oil Slick (Reward #3)


The Highness in Gunmetal (Reward #3)
The Highness in Gunmetal (Reward #3)


The Highness in Rose Gold (Reward #3)
The Highness in Rose Gold (Reward #3)

The Duke - Reward #4

The Duke is smaller of our two hinged boxes, designed with 3 compartments for keeping things tidy.


  • Height: 8.8 cm
  • Width: 15.8 cm
  • Depth: 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 450 g


  • Estimated RRP: £70 / $90
  • Kickstarter Special Price: £55 / $70
The Duke in Oil Slick (Reward #4)
The Duke in Oil Slick (Reward #4)


The Duke in Rose Gold (Reward #4)
The Duke in Rose Gold (Reward #4)


The Duke in Gunmetal (Reward #4)
The Duke in Gunmetal (Reward #4)

The Grand Duke - Reward #5

The largest piece in the collection - a hinged box fitted with a ring roll on the left hand side and an open compartment on the right hand side.


  • Height: 22 cm
  • Width: 15 cm
  • Depth: 5.5 cm
  • Weight: 860 g


  • Estimated RRP: £120 / $150
  • Kickstarter Special Price: £90 / $110
The Grand Duke in Oil Slick (Reward #5)
The Grand Duke in Oil Slick (Reward #5)


The Grand Duke in Rose Gold (Reward #5)
The Grand Duke in Rose Gold (Reward #5)


The Grand Duke in Gunmetal (Reward #5)
The Grand Duke in Gunmetal (Reward #5)


This money makes such a huge difference to small companies like us. The investment will allow us to take a huge leap forwards - we have not had any external investment or borrowing of any kind and now need your help to fund our exciting new range.

The £20,000 will fund:

  • Product tooling
  • Production costs
  • Quality control & inspection
  • Shipping & import taxes
  • Investment in marketing
  • Investment in product development
  • Help improve our online presence
  • Enable us to invest in more efficient systems
  • Push through our improved packaging concepts

Production & Quality

We have partnered directly with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metalwork and homeware, which produces goods for household names such as Harrods and Pottery Barn, to ensure the highest quality production methods.


Our stamping process creates a debossed Lund London logo in the centre of the underside of each piece.

Hinged Boxes

Using expert tooling, the plates are cut perfectly square, allowing the boxes to be welded together using a full-open corner joint.

Following this, expert tooling is used to perfectly smooth the curve the edges of The Duke.

Each piece is then skilfully polished to produce an shimmering finish.



Any piece from the Lund Luxe collection will be shipped from the UK via courier to anywhere worldwide. When backing the project, you'll be asked where in the world you'd like your piece to be shipped, and the appropriate fee will be added to your pledge.

When the project funds, we will contact you to get your address. If you're outside the EU, you'll need to confirm any import duties you may be required to pay with your local customs office.

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