What is ContaC?

ContaC is a company that designs premium, sleek , yet affordable business cards that can transfer your contact information via NFC technology or QR code. You can simply tap our business card against anot

her phone, or apply a QR code scan, and your contact information will be automatically transmitted. 

How does NFC work?

Near field communication is a technology that allows communication between two electronic device when they are in proximity with each other. Your contact information can be coded onto an NFC chip, and a phone with NFC capability will pick up the signal.

How do we make ContaC cards?

We plan to cut out cards out of sheets of metal and fiber glass with a laser cutter or CNC mill. Then, we will engrave the QR code onto the card itself with a laser engraver. Finally, we will insert the NFC chip inside the card by drilling a hole with a CNC mill. 


We will offer a wide range of designs for our customers to choose from. In some cases, we will accept request from customers for personalized card designs, and we will work with companies and individuals to incorporate your company's logo in a unique QR code.

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