Consortya: a Concert Adventure MMORPG
Consortya: a Concert Adventure MMORPG

This project has already launched.


Consortya is a new game for PC/Mac/Linux being developed independently by Moonlight Games, LLC. At its core, it's a concert simulator combined with a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. A new adventure in a new world, Consortya will be an awesome game where you can experience live music everyday.

We want the game to feel like a traditional RPG with a twist: the social spaces will have live music performed by artists from around the world. While you're going through the storyline and completing quests, you will find tracks which can be combined into songs and used to unlock the music of the dungeon. The completionists will love collecting all the tracks for a song, and the creatives will be able to upload their own tracks to mix with the standard songs.

Let's talk about the budget. We know so many people have been burned by incredible visions and concept art that never materialized into the promised experiences. Our whole campaign plan is to get a fun and enjoyable game into your hands within the year. This is going to be version 1.0. This budget is to turn the assets, the code, and the systems that we have into a compelling experience for you. We don't want to be one of those Kickstarters that takes $100k and spends it all on concept art for a game that you're never going to get to play. Do you want a bunch of pretty pictures? Or, do you want something that is fun and enjoyable. We have dayjobs to pay for our daily expenses, and we're using a lot of pre-built assets to enable the focus to be on gameplay and server development. The time to bring in a concept artist and get a really unique aesthetic for Consortya is going to be during the DLC releases of Nightfall and ultimately the release of Season 2 Daybreak. We haven't even really talked about the minimalism of our character classes, but they are going to be pared down as well. The warrior class is coming in the later DLC of Nightfall.

Now, let's talk about the game loop. This game is kind of like World of Warcraft meets Soundcloud. Wherever you start, the first thing you'll want to do is enter into the story mode and get your character a few levels. From there, you'll expand out your skills so that you have dance moves to use. Once you've acquired your dance moves, you'll be able to buff your character in the live concert hub. From there, you'll have the item pickup perks that you'll want to be able to invest in the music production of the guilds and people that you like. With all that in hand, you'll move through the story and exploration mode. Season 2 is where we plan to introduce a raid based around the live concerts, but we can't afford to do that on the budget and time limit we've set for ourselves.

One of the hardest things to get right in an MMO is making it fun for people who don't have enough time to dedicate to finding and maintaining a group. We strongly believe that our concerts set us apart and will make the social part of grouping in the game its most fun aspect.

Consortya is currently in Alpha. We will release a private Beta to our backers in Fall 2018 and the first Release Candidate in Winter 2018. Season 1 of the game will be dubbed Nightfall and will take you through the mainland of Consortya into the Qualmish region. There, you will combat enemies in 8 different dungeons of Qualmish region 1 and collect all 8 songs of the original sound track (OST). We're launching this Kickstarter campaign to fund the remainder of version 1.0 Consortya: Nightfall's development.

Season 2 is dubbed Daybreak and the final Season 3 title has yet to be released.

Find out more on our launched page!

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