Conservation Geocoin
Conservation Geocoin

Do you collect cool coins or other swag?  Do you enjoy nature or conservation?  Do you play the real-world, outdoor GPS treasure hunt game called Geocaching? If so this is the project for you!

Hi! I'm Beth and I am pursuing my master degree in Biology. As part of my degree I need to make a lasting impact on the world around me. My plan is to create geocoins with fun, family friendly, trackable conservation missions to challenge geocachers everywhere to make smart choices to conserve and protect the earth.

To achieve this goal I need your help!

Creating custom geocoins with and without trackable codes is very expensive especially for a college student like me! I need a minimum of 30 coins for my project. However, the minting company, suggests an order of about 250 coins to make it worth the cost. 

So I'd like you to join my project!

I will be posting a kickstarter page with the same title very soon! Come visit and support my project!

Together we can get these coins minted and my project accomplished!

You can help by simply donating to the campaign, spread the word by sharing with friends and family and/or supporting at a level to get you some coins or swag of your very own!

Common Questions:

Why geocoins?

I am a Lifetime member of the Girl Scouts and I was introduced to geocaching and letter-boxing a few years ago. It is such a fun game to play I wanted to include it in my school project!

Where did the design come from?

The initial design idea was my own concept. I am very lucky to have a very talented father-in-law that created the initial drawing. From there I added the coloring and the minting company is currently working on the final touches. I hope to have the die art from the minting company soon.  The design is an original custom design and I have my father-in-laws permission to use it for this project.

What is geocaching?

It is a real-world GPS treasure hunt happening all around you every day. Gamers sign on to the website to get the GPS coordinates of geocaches hidden in a specific area. Then, they begin searching for the hidden container (geocache) to see what’s inside.

Want to know more? Check out the official website:

Here is a short video on the basics of geocaching: What is geocaching?

What is a Geocoin?

A geocoin is a coin that is created as a game piece for geocaching. Some coins can be tracked on and others are simply collectable. The trackable coins travel from geocache to geocache collecting stories and pictures of its travels and missions.

This project has both trackable coins and collectable (un-trackable) coins available. The minting and tracking is with a Groundspeak approved geocoin manufacturer so that it can be activated and used on the official website.

Do I need to be a geocacher to collect the coin?

No, the coins are available without tracking code for supporters that simply like the design. There are coins available with official trackable codes for those who enjoy playing the geocaching game as well.

What is the size?

1.5" (38.1mm) diameter, 3mm thick, brass or copper base metal

What is the budget for this project?

The estimate for the design cost, minting (with color), finish, a hole for a key chain, groundspeak design approval and official custom trackable numbers is about $1,300. Then adding Kickstarter fees, credit card fees, shipping cost of the coins to me and then shipping and postage to supporters and the swag materials is estimated at $1600. If I go over the minimum coin order the cost will increase per coin.

What will you do if you go over the goal?

My school project requires a minimum of 30 coins to be successful. If I meet that goal I will be jumping for joy! If the goal is exceeded additional coins will be added to my project to make it more effective and reach more people.

Other stretch goals are currently being investigated.

Your questions or suggestions are welcome!

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