Connected car developer kit
Connected car developer kit

Velio is the leading provider of next-generation connected car technology. Our goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to connected mobility by turning cars into connected, intelligent computer networks. 

We makes vehicle telematics easy to implement, cost efficient and scalable for mass markets. Whatever information is needed – for remote diagnostics, analytics and business intelligence, location-based services and commercial fleet management – Velio’s cloud API facilitates around-the-world development of innovative web, mobile and desktop applications that turn real-time vehicle data into real-life business opportunities.

Our plug & drive hardware devices can be installed in any vehicle as from 1996 onwards. The device easily plug's into the vehicles OBD-II port and will connect instantly via a GPRS (2G) modem. OBD-II generates a vast amount of data including vehicle speed, engine speed, diagnostic trouble codes (check engine lights), Vehicle identification number (VIN) and about 200 more datapoints. In addition, the device is also equiped with GPS and an accelerometer making it suitable for Location Based Services (LBS), fleet management and track & trace applications. Velio delivers it's solution in the Telematics-as-a-Service model where the cellular data plan is provided as an integrated solution on a global scale.

Click here to read more about OBD-II.


We will launch a development environment so developers can easily built connected car applications. Our development device provides easy and direct access to the OBD-II stack and standard firmware and it will allow you to test the solution instantly by plugging the developer device into the vehicle's OBD-II port. 

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