Confluence - Thought is your Best Weapon
Confluence - Thought is your Best Weapon

This project has already launched.

Confluence is a game where you manipulate your characters' thoughts with mental powers.  There are three playable characters, each with their own strengths.

Thoughts are split into two types: Desires and Solutions


A character's desires and solutions allow them to solve problems, make friends, outsmart enemies, and uncover hidden information.

Solutions and desires are manipulated using mental powers, each of which cost energy.  Powers cost more or less depending on the personality of the character.

Characters you talk to can also manipulate their own thoughts and desires.  They will respond with different strategies, even when you don't.  Each play-through will offer different conversations, different allies, and different outcomes.  If you are overwhelmed, don't worry!  The game will introduce these rules slowly and offer a moderate challenge.

You can make enemies or friends with the various characters in the game.  Friends will help you, suggest shared desires more often, tell you secrets or invite you to special events.  Enemies will withhold information or go out of their way to thwart you, even to their own detriment.

Each character is making his or her way to 'The Conference'.  The Conference is an important event where everything is for sale.  Physical goods are easily exchanged for money, but immaterial goods like safety, respect and hope for a better future require careful negotiation.  In game, each player has 13 days to prepare.  Each day is like a short episode for each character.  Expect 8 to 9 hours for a playthrough, and about 20 minutes for each day / episode.

Your characters want different things.  Without your direction, they will work against each other.  In order to come out on top, you will need to make them work together.

The game itself it written in C++.  The foundation of the engine and each of it's systems is in place, but a lot of work remains.  Which leads me to the budget.

The game has one full time artist / programmer (me!), which is most of the budget.  Voice actors, the session director, and composer will play a smaller, but very important part in making the game come to life.

 Finally a few items about backer rewards:

  • The game is currently planned to release on Mac, PC, and Linux
  • Digital rewards are DRM-Free.  DRM refers to systems that restrict the use of software or media in order to protect the copyright.  I feel these systems are ineffective and hinder paying customers more than they prevent piracy. 
  • Is there a reward you have in mind, but it isn't on the list?  Please let me know and I will decide if it's something I can do.

Risks and challenges

Confluence is an experimental game. The biggest challenge is conveying the mechanics to players, making sure that the experience is unique and fun! To work toward this, I will attend an event called PLAY / TEST every four months throughout development. (more info:

This event, run by GLITCH MN (, allows players to try out in-progress games, and developers to show their work. This solves several problems, including getting feedback, setting deadlines to stay focused, and allowing people to see progress in a tangible form. For backers that aren't able to attend, I will create a video update afterward.

Smaller development updates will be available on my website every two weeks. How often would you like direct Kickstarter updates? Please let me know in the comments.

While there is a lot of work left to do, both the art and engine development are far enough along that I am confident in their completion by the deadline.

Thank you for helping Confluence come to life!

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