Config: managing your config files has never been so simple!


Staying organized can be a real challenge. There is a lot to keep up within your day-to-day work, and if you ever take a moment to stop and look around at your servers and environments, you may just end up giving yourself a small panic attack. Everything tends to pile up, and no matter if you are a programmer, sysadmin, or IT manager, you can use all the help you can get staying on top of it all.


Fortunately, we have a SaaS solution for you. With Config, all your configuration files are in one place. Config is designed to make managing your configurations across all servers and environments simpler than it has ever been. You have the ability to synchronize common configuration settings, incorporate environment variables, and examine the differences that distinguish each environment. Our web interface is direct and intuitive, and there is no infrastructure required to get started. With support for public and private environments using multiple deployment models, Config is the answer to all your problems when it comes to staying ahead of your configuration responsibilities.

As a programmer, sysadmin, or IT manager, the benefits of Config are clear. You no longer need to worry about falling behind when it comes to managing your configuration files, regardless of how many environments or systems you are actually working with. Forget about the added stress that comes with each new configuration: Config makes it fast and simple for you to integrate whatever you need through a single web interface that we have engineered for ease of use.


What We Need & What You Get

As you can see from Config, which features a more technical and in-depth look at your application, we are ready to move forward with this project immediately. Everything has been set up, but we need funds for the final stages of development. This is where you come in, friends. We are looking to you to raise $10,000 through Kickstarter, which will cover the costs of the final phase of development and the go live marketing campaign. Check out our Kickstarter page and back this project.

As a thank-you, we have put together excellent reward options for all our contributors.

In addition to making a monetary contribution, you can also help us by sharing our campaign with all your friends and family, especially who are involved in the business or technology worlds. We appreciate your support sincerely, friends, and we thank you for taking the time to read all about what we are doing to make your life as an IT professional more stress-free.



Scholarships. Our mission is to reduce poverty and inequality through education. 20% of net income goes to Scholarship America, a highly rated non-profit organization.   

Software as a Service. Easy to use web interface. No infrastructure required. Supports public and private apps using multiple deployment models.  

Environments & Instances. Manage configuration files across all your systems, apps, environments and instances. Synchronize common configuration. Use environment variables. View differences between environments.  

No Overhead. Config is a deployment time dependency. It adds no runtime overhead. No single point of failure.  

Format Agnostic. Manage your properties, INI, XML, JSON, YAML and TOML configuration files from anywhere. No more SSH or RDP. No more vi or notepad.  

Version Control. Version control for configuration files. Supports semantic versioning, change history, change notifications, and locking.  

Type Safety. Configuration values are validated on input to minimize runtime errors. Supports encryption for sensitive information like passwords and keys.  

Workflow. Configure permission levels to match your team structure. Supports change review and approval workflows.  

Search & Documentation. Search for keys, values and comments across all your apps and environments. Easily view and edit configuration comments. Config can serve as application inventory and documentation.


Here's our current pricing plan, which is subject to change.

Config Pricing


Config was started in 2017 with two primary objectives. The first objective is to build a product company for the long term. A company where employees would want to work because they, and the work they do, matter. It’s not going to be a startup looking for funding with an exit strategy even before it started. A family-owned company that can be passed down to the next generation. The second objective is to create a scholarship program for less fortunate kids. Kids who have the passion for learning but can’t go to school because they lack the financial means to do so. Seeing kids move on to good careers, helping improve their family’s quality of life, is what keeps us going.


We are an IT company and we understand the pain points that programmers, sysadmins and IT managers go through. We want to do something about it, and would like to share it to the IT community. Bien loves programming, non-fiction books, and DBZ. Lhou loves food and photography. Edgie loves to volunteer and go to the beach.

The Team

Risks and challenges

Config is under development and we are planning to go into private beta in January. We have a working prototype and we are confident that we will release the app, as soon as it passes all our internal reviews and testing. The major challenge for us is to build enough marketing buzz during these early stages of the project, and to build a strong user base to keep the app profitable by end of 2018.

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