Confident Dyslexic App
Confident Dyslexic App

On a gorgeous spring Thursday, I – current innovator, activist and techie - set out to make one extra-ordinary app for all marketplaces. Confident Dyslexic App: join us! 

There is currently a paucity of good apps in the online mobile stores that deal with Dyslexia.  I aim to learn how to develop and release a useful, positive and empowering web app for other dyslexics.  

The Confident Dyslexic App will work with the Boston and global dyslexia community to build a new ways to find strengths and use these to form compensatory mechanisms

Enter your email above to be notified of launch! Will be using either Kickstarter or Indiegogo within the month of April, 2014. Thanks! @Blakea23 




- To work with the Boston, and global dyslexia community and build a web app for kids and young adults with dyslexia.

- Release the app within the year.

- Learn and apply latest code languages and technology in the app.



Accessible App

- Technology platforms

- Available around the world


- Raises awareness to neurodiversity

- Provides reasons of underlying genetic origin


- User will be able to track positive skills, creativity, passions* and goals

- Learn confidence building techniques via tips and activities

Bring together various groups

- Dyslexics

- Builds Community with links to other dyslexia focused organizations

- Crowdfunding community

- Researchers

- Education Specialists

- App designers

- Tech platforms

- Entrepreneurs



*Interest and passion based learning helps when you see other dyslexic people's interests.


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