Confessions of a Corporate Shaman
Confessions of a Corporate Shaman

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Confessions of a Corporate Shaman will up end how you look at the dynamics that determine success or failure in the business world. This book is about the hidden dynamics of change; individually as a professional and collectively as a group. When we stick to our mental concepts we miss the real levers of change that exist in the subconscious mind. if we can bring those dynamics to awareness - making visible what was hidden from view - a new set of possibilities opens up to us. 

Corporate America needs this book. Leaders who think multi-laterally are being overwhelmed by complexity. Seeing systems, how the parts relate or fail to relate to each other, brings clarity. Noticing how the relationships between the parts of an organization resonate within their own personal systems generates insight. Clarity and insight together leads to new possibilities and transformative shifts.  

We master complexity when we are willing to take responsibility for how we co-create our reality. Confessions breaks new ground. Help bring this new ground and the process of fostering clarity and insight to the world of work.  

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