Computer Building Business
Computer Building Business

Hello everyone, my name is Andrew Lopez. 
      My dream is to make a company that builds computers so that others could get the most out of what they love to do. Whether it is from gaming, to spreadsheets, to whatever.

     What I intend to do if this project is backed enough, is it make a company that builds computers (Hense the first paragraph), with good hardware inside of them. For instance, nobody likes to have a 100MB integrated VRAM for gaming now do they? With my company you will be able to get the finest hardware out there from Raedon to Nvidia GPU's, and over clocking cpu's.

Of course for people that have a higher intensity on work (I.E) having multiple things openned at once, we plan on implementing higher RAM sticks for you. 

In addition to all of that, we also plan on making custom computers. With L.E.D Casings with specs that you request, we will be able to build the perfect computer for you.

So I ask you, please back this project and make the computer world even better for the rest of us and even your self.

  -  Thank you for your time, Andrew Lopez.

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