Coming Soon on Indiegogo!!!
Coming Soon on Indiegogo!!!

Navia gearing up for INDIEGOGO Crowdfunding Campaign to redefine “On/Off Road Mainstream Internet Activities”

Demand for VPN or Virtual Private Network devices have gone up, the current devices available in the marketplace are limited to content unblocking, IP address protection and Firewall protection. Design has been constantly kept off the drawing board for these VPN devices until Navia was created. Now, you wouldn’t mind showing off in public or meetings, that’s make Navia a real game changer among Personal VPN devices.

“Either you’re Traveler, Commuter, Online Worker, Designer, Freelancer, Coder, Entrepreneur, Journalist or Lawyer carrying sensitive information…Navia will cover your cyber security and bypass internet censorship”.


Digital Equipment Communication Ltd - DEC was incorporated in 2014 to serve the uprising demand of embedded digital systems and wireless communications. Our mission is to create and deliver well designed portable technology to those in need. We had foreseen the rapid adoption of mobile technology which will require interaction with huge amounts of data. With our knowledge, we aim to create new ways to allow people to live better lives around technology.

Navia objective is to address the grave issue of Internet Privacy and Security and create awareness about Privacy Risk with innovative premium Virtual Private Network (VPN) portable device.

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Kashif Khan

Marketing & Community Manager - DEC

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