Comic/Graphic Novel Book Series
Comic/Graphic Novel Book Series

This project has already launched.

Join us as we complete our first project! We are about 80% complete and now need that extra financial injection to cross the finish line. It's been quite a journey to leave the corporate world and pursue our passion and dreams.

Combining our love of history and of comics/graphic novels, the first release of the “Loosed Beasts”(c) chronicles is “The Coming Light,” a graphic novel/comic of historical fiction with an extensive and far-reaching mythology that combines real world figures and events with supernatural underpinnings.

Book 1 is framed by "The Second Coming" by W.B. Yeats and is set against a small glimpse of the Battle of Stalingrad while also involving dramatic references to the Crusades, a specific period of the Roman Empire, religious mythology, a day at Hitler's Berghof in 1942 and modern scenes. It's the story of an ancient secret weapon that passes through the hands of history, coming to rest in 2017. It's arrival in 2017 reignites a 2,000 year old battle.

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