HoneyComb Servers started with a simple problem – current smartwatches lack an efficient interface. Many smartwatches have cramped, complicated interfaces that can prove daunting to learn for the average consumer. Others merely shrink down phone software, leaving many lost in their endless menus. What if there were a smartwatch that could easily and efficiently provide data to users? What if there were a smartwatch that has the classic elegance of a traditional timepiece? Comb720’s innovative hexagonal interface allows the user to intuitively interact with software like never before. The classic design looks stunning on any wrist, rivaling the beauty of many traditional watches, and, with an array of practical features, Comb720 might just be the best smartwatch on the market.

Comb720 organizes data into seven hexagons, allowing the user to intuitively interact with information at a glance. Maximization of space is a vital component of any wrist-worn device. Since hexagons tessellate, meaning they fit together with no gaps, the usable surface area of the device is increased dramatically. Additionally, the hexagonal interface never moves. This consistency throughout the software enables the user to quickly and easily learn to navigate the interface, allowing for quick interaction with data. This swift interaction with data is crucial for a smartwatch, since their main goal is to provide the user with information faster than using a phone. Overall, the innovative use of tessellating hexagons in Comb720’s software provides information to the user far faster than was previously possible and maximizes the screen area available.

Comb720 includes a host of practical features. It syncs with your phone to display e-mail, text messages, and any other notifications. Furthermore, Comb720 can be used to control the music that plays on your phone. Comb720 also features a live, weather forecast, so you always know what to wear. Additionally, Comb720 tracks motion, so you can know how many miles you ran, how many stairs you climbed, or how many calories you burned at your recent visit to the gym. These many useful features included in Comb720 make it a remarkably versatile device.

Get Ready for Comb720, Coming to Kickstarter in Late March

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