colorspike - create in color
colorspike - create in color

This project has already launched.

An app-controlled, multipurpose photo/video light whose unique pattern-driven animation system completely redefines what is possible on set, in studio or on the run

As photographers who became designers, our product ideas typically come from personal need, and colorspike is no exception. What we needed was a creative light that was:

1. Able to dial in a ton of interesting effects

2. Great for both video and stills, in-studio and on-location

3. App-controlled

4. Able to be linked together into an easily controlled multi-point lighting system 

Bright enough to be useful 

While we found a few tools that fulfilled some of these requirements, we couldn't find anything that did all of it (or even most of it) particularly well. And thus, the idea for Colorspike was born.

We've spent the last 2 years pouring our heart and soul into it. We think we've come up with something pretty great - we hope you do too. 

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