Collectors Item: Historical Moments of Vintage Travelers.
Collectors Item: Historical Moments of Vintage Travelers.

This project has already launched.

This project though it started out with the idea of sending and receiving cool postcards we took it a little step further and took the liberty of dreaming up some people that would fill the spots of those consistent penpals that we always wish we have when we are at the store purchasing postcards.

Let’s face it, without penpals postcards are virtually meaningless.

So Euopsi, the Design Team, decided to create a group of people using special Adobe software that could fill those empty spots and one day eventually become those consistent PenPals we’ve always wanted.

As we were creating these amazing communicative friends we thought to call them The Travelers. These are people that travel all over the world, and have seen things that we may have not. Perhaps witnessed historical moments, and met historical figures, either way they are here with us today alive in these 6 out of our 10 postcards and they are willing to talk!

So the plan was to see how well they do, on their own before we start collecting home addresses and allowing them to communicate directly with the receivers.

Our long term plan for our travelers, is astonishingly extensive, they require a few cool collector's items postcard journal where collectors can receive personalized postcard messages through a website membership program that we are looking to create.

This gives the consumer/buyer/participant a chance to interact with these characters, collect their personal private ‘handwritten’ messages and journals from their travels, receive interactive pdfs, with updates, profiles, and journal messages, as well as keep their own journal entries and stamp collections along with the personalized postcards.

In other words, we are trying to create a postcard messenger system where you can receive postcards from The Travelers themselves.

Our first step was and still is to see how these postcards do on kickstarter on a stand alone basis. The first 6 postcards that will be awarded to backers are just meant for their own personal use. We have considered the possibility of releasing a personalized message collector's edition postcard for every backer; as a special reward - and also as an introduction to both the Collectors Item Book, and the future Website where consumers of The Travelers, of all future editions could sign up for a mailing program, where they can collect all of the Traveler’s personalized future postal cards at a one bundle price at a time.

The Postcard collectors Journal however; doesn’t always have to be used for the Traveler’s themselves, there will be special pages for other brand and style of postal card, and a place to as we mentioned collect stamps.
Thank you for sticking with us, during our explanation. The future of our mailing project will depend on the reviews and the attention that these first 6 cards receive.

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