COIN- Make your Home Smart, Secure & More Intelligent
COIN- Make your Home Smart, Secure & More Intelligent

This project has already launched.

Imagine you being able to monitor all the vital information about your home from any part of the world, this is now possible with the COIN!!! Know when you door, windows are opening, If any intruder trying to break in the house, any water leakage etc. 

Coin is so smart that it can monitor all the above application with the sensors in built. It has temperature sensor, humidity sensor, motion sensor and vibration sensor onboard. One of the unique feature of the COIN is that it can detect the location of the asset very accurately. Pin point detection is possible with the help of triangulation by COIN.  

How it works?

COIN works on bluetooth mesh network. Each COIN talk to every other COIN who are within the bluetooth range. Any sort of detection by a COIN is forwarded to the next COIN and so on. The one which is nearer to WiFi gateway sends the data  to the cloud through cloud the action is notified to the user through SMS alert and email. 


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