Cognicorp+ Game Card to Stimulate brain power, memory and IQ
Cognicorp+ Game Card to Stimulate brain power, memory and IQ

This project has already launched.

Sarah-Emmanuella PPD Clinic launching Cognicorp+ a unique brand of educational games and products that focus on children’s and adult’s cognitive development. Created by philanthropist, TedXUWomen speaker Emmanuella Michel, Cognicorp+ will boost brain power, stimulate memory and IQ. Creating a fun and social environment for the whole family. Welcome to the big leagues!

We will be at the Christmas festival at Mini-Commiccon Montreal in December and in Place Jacques Cartier Montreal en Fête

Descriptions /Rules /Requirements/ Cognicorp+ is a card game as well as an educational tool designed to stimulate brain power, memory and IQ in both children and adults. Our game is based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of multiple intelligences. The game cards will also help players to develop their verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence. Our games are bilingual and soon will be translate in other languages.

There are several challenges to face (easy once you understand the concept) Cards: There are 64 playing cards in the game box. The deck contains doubles of each card. Layout To start with, 26 cards representing the 26 letters of the alphabet, with a double of each letter and its associated code.

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