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Coffee Warmer

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LAVACLIP is a revolutionary coffee warmer that will re-define our drinking coffee experience. It is designed to attach to the bottom of most paper cups and heats your beverage using rechargeable batteries. With an advanced clipping mechanism in place, LAVACLIP attaches to the bottom of various paper cup sizes while the heater is in direct contact with the bottom surface of the cup. Because of its light weight, LAVACLIP stays attached to the bottom of your cup while you walk around, run errands, shop, along performing other activities.

The micro-USB port enables you to charge LAVACLIP using any standard USB outlet whether that's your laptop, PC or you cellphone charger. 

Among all the devices that keep beverages warm, LAVACLIP is the only one that is portable and rechargeable and made specifically for beverages served in paper cups.

Wait, your taste buds react to different temperatures?

In a recent study, scientists discovered how taste receptors inside our taste buds react to molecules at different temperatures.

The research has found that "certain taste receptors are most sensitive to food molecules that are in the 20 to 35 degree Celsius, in other words, molecules that are at or just above room temperature. The taste receptors in question don’t always register molecules that are much hotter or colder than this range, and thus we don’t taste them.

They concluded that "hot coffee around 60-70 degree Celsius range may seem less bitter than room-temperature coffee because our bitter taste receptors aren’t as sensitive to bitter molecules in the coffee when those molecules are hot. Ofcourse, the same goes for other hot beverages."  

Existing beverage warmers consist of a wide flat hot plate surface which is not suitable for paper cups. Due to the elevated base of paper cups, the heater won't be in direct contact with the bottom surface. Hence, resulting in ineffective heat transfer and failing to keep beverages warm. 

USB Beverage Warmer
USB Beverage Warmer

On the other hand, electric mugs can only be used to heat up beverages that are served in them. For the 'to go' coffee buyers, this leaves us with no option but to carry a bulky device with us wherever we go, not to mention that we'd need to wash it after each and every use.

We addressed all of the above problems by creating LAVACLIP. A portable, rechargeable coffee warmer designed specifically for "to-go" cups. With it's elevated heating plate, accustomed to fit cups of various sizes, LAVACLIP maximizes the amount of heat transferred to the beverage.

At less than 3" tall, LAVACLIP packs easily in a purse, backpack or carry-on bag so you never have to worry about your beverage getting cold. For working professionals, you can always keep it in your office on your desk.

LAVACLIP makes drinking your Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Latte, Coffee, & Tea beverage more enjoyable. You no longer need to chug on your drink just so you can catch up with your drink getting cold.

And it’s particularly a great accessory to have in the winter; a beverage warmer would certainly come in handy!

Some of us may want to enjoy our hot beverage for a much longer time before the battery drains. Which is why we introduced LAVACLIP Premium.

With a built-in wireless receiver accompanied with a custom-made wireless charger, you can simply place your cup of hot beverage & LAVACLIP on top of the wireless charger, so that your battery is continuously being charged while you sip on your hot beverage. 


Whether you'll be placing LAVACLIP in your purse or carry-on bag. A pouch will protect it from scratches and will keep it clean.
Whether you'll be placing LAVACLIP in your purse or carry-on bag. A pouch will protect it from scratches and will keep it clean.


We can’t wait to deliver Lavaclip but there are inherent challenges in building hardware. Though we've been methodical in our design process, have built and tested several prototypes, and believe our timeline is realistic, we won’t ship LavaClip until it meets our high quality standards.

LavaClip team benefits from experts in the field of heat transfer and experienced designers to bring the final product to perfection. The efficiency of the heater used in our product has been optimized while keeping the product's weight minimal.

Lavaclip is waterproof and heat resistant, and has been tested in our labs against accidental coffee spills. The amount of heat needed to keep the coffee warm at optimal drinking temperature have been meticulously measured in different ambient temperatures and conditions.

FAQ: How long will it keep my coffee warm for?

LAVACLIP keeps your coffee warm at optimal drinking temperature, i.e. 60 degree Celsius for about an hour on a full charge.

If you want to enjoy your coffee for a much longer time without the need to keep charging your Lavaclip, we recommend the Premium model that comes with a wireless charger, this way if you are on your desk, you can rest your cup on the wireless charging plate. Hence, your battery is continuously being charged while you slowly sip on your drink!


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Risks and challenges

Our primary engineering challenge is to perfect the clipping mechanism and translate our current prototype into a mass production model. We have been working at this for many months, and after 3 generations of the prototype, we believe LAVACLIP is ready.

Another potential challenge is implementing the wireless charger technology. We are engaged with manufacturers, who have years of experience making custom made wireless charging receivers, and we feel confident that we can achieve our wireless charging goal without compromising on the weight and the design of the product.

We understand that the manufacturing process is difficult but our team and partners are more than up to the challenge. We are working hard to minimize the risks of these delays and bring the product to your doorstep as early as possible.

That said, if delays were to occur, we would always be upfront about them, inform our community of our plan of action, and keep the regular updates coming.

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