Coffee Cubed
Coffee Cubed

Go Beyond the Caffeine


Our coffee cubes are all-natural coffee fortifiers that stave off the negative side effects associated with caffeine consumption, while bolstering its benefits. Our vision is that you drop a cube in your coffee, it dissolves seamlessly, and you get the kind of coffee experience you've been asking for: no crashes and jitters, just enhanced energy and focus. It's coffee...cubed!

The Problem

Caffeine stimulates you in a fight or flight way, which is great for a basketball game, or a chance encounter with a bear or a mother-in-law. It’s not that great for sustained, calm focus on a thinking-heavy task. And on caffeine, you, like anything that goes up, must eventually come down.

The Solution

By cubing your cup of joe, you’ll get the benefits of caffeine without the jitters or need to go back for more cups. No additives, no sugar, just all natural ingredients, such as amino acids and essential nutrients, easily deployable in an enjoyable form. It'll work with all your other favorite beverages too!


About us


  • Are a team of neuroscientists (true coffee nerds) who hail from UCLA, USC, and Duke and have over 15 years of combined experience with these substances.

  • Want to use science to help you to get the most out of your coffee.

  • Create a balanced caffeine sensation.

  • Love coffee and want it to be the best it can be.


Just drop it in! 

We need money to bring what ourselves and our friends have been using and loving to a wider audience i.e. you. Our R&D pipeline looks like this:

  • Right now, we are simply mixing all of our ingredients into our coffee one by one. That's not ideal--our vision is to craft a single homogenous blend.

  • Next we will need to talk to our supplier about how to get that blend pressed into an effervescent tablet.

  • Not to mention the cost of packaging and shipping everything.

We're hoping to get enough funding to help us meet supplier minimums.


Team Background



Dr. Andrew Hill, PhD

Dr. Hill received his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA, researching how attention operates in the brain. He is a lecturer at UCLA, recently teaching courses in psychology and neuroscience topics, plus gerontology and human brain aging.  Dr. Hill has published chapters on measuring and modulating human attention, and continues to work in self regulation as Director of Neurocognitive Services at Alternatives Treatment, in Beverly Hills.  Prior to UCLA, Dr. Hill obtained extensive experience working with psychiatric and developmental populations as well as working in technology startups. He received his BS in Psychology/Neuroscience from UMass Amherst.



Garrett Ruhland

Garrett holds a BS from Duke University where he studied Neurochemistry and Biology. Desiring to find cognitive enhancing agents that didn’t have the side effects of current prescription medications, he began researching the benefits of nootropics in 2008. A strong proponent of the nootropic sector, Garrett continues his research on their broad neuroprotective benefits.










Roya Hashemi Rad

Roya graduated with a MS of Biomedical/Neuroengineering from the University of Southern California. Prior to her graduate study, she was a technical support engineer in the medical device field. Her area of expertise is in biological signal measurement and processing, as well as computational neuroscience and statistical analysis.

New Years Resolutions - please spread the word to coffee lovers everywhere

Our dream is to move our innovation from the back lab and into coffee cups all around the world just in time for New Years Resolutions in January 2014.

International Shipping Available

For international orders, any contribution above $65, gets international shipping included free!

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