CO2 Cards - Carbon Neutral Events
CO2 Cards - Carbon Neutral Events

This project has already launched.

CO2 Cards is a corporate social responsibility platform. Do maximum impact with a minimum effort by supporting UN certified green projects. Make your business green now! We offer carbon neutrality to companies and their employees through connecting them with carbon offset projects around the world.

We will calculate and offset your event carbon footprint, provide marketing support and consultancy! We can offset your utilities, travel, deliveries, your speakers’ flights, taxi travels and hotel stay. You can offset your guests and their travel, either by offering them the possibility to offset their visit to your event, or incorporating it in the ticket price, which will make it hassle free experience for everyone.

We plan to go one step further, we are currently negotiating with taxi services, hotels, delivery services and more, in order to provide your Event with carbon neutral support. That means your lecturers and guest will fly carbon neutral, get in a carbon neutral taxi from the airport and arrive at your Carbon Neutral Event.

We will provide your Event not only with consultancy and marketing support but with the necessary certification and green stamp. We will also provide you with carbon project pictures, videos, and materials. Take part in our initiative and to spread the word to all!

Our network will be notified for your Carbon Neutral Event also through our web page, social media and newsletter.

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