This project has already launched.

During more of 6 months we have improved all the Linux OS trying to make it faster, more intuitive, and useful to the average user and for professionals, the result was CMOS.

CMOS means: Code Matrix Operative System.

Now we need almost 400 k to improve our materials and work areas, launch the OS with a marketing campaign and to improve all the features to make the best OS.

CMOS has: Firefox, Skype, Spotify , terminal , Steam, Calibre, OpenShot Video Editor, CMOS audio system, CMOS video system, more than 83000 gadgets to personalize your computer , cinelerra, libreoffice, and much more surprises.

The OS has being already designed and all the purchases will be delivered before next year's June. The final version of CMOS will be totally free.

Don't worry if you are a gamer, you can play almost every game with CMOS.

We did our best and we bring you the safest and fastest OS in the world. Purchase it now if you want, it only cost 1$ and with it you will be helping us to make it better.

Thank you.

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