CLUEDINI - Live Escape Rooms / Immersive Entertainment
CLUEDINI - Live Escape Rooms / Immersive Entertainment

This project has already launched.

Cluedini, is a brand new, exciting, immersive and innovative activity that will be based in Yarm, in the North East of England.

We could go into copious detail at this stage, but we'll try to keep it simple...

  • Teams of up to 6 people will enter a room for one hour
  • The rooms are themed, with distinct storylines and characters.
  • In the room will be a series of puzzles, clues, riddles and codes which the team must work together to solve.
  • The whole thing is against the clock and teams must solve all of the puzzles within 60 minutes.

In short, the whole thing is like some sort of weird Crystal Maze and Famous Five lovechild, just without Richard O'Brien and Timmy the Dog.


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