cluck - the smarter kitchen timer
cluck - the smarter kitchen timer

This project has already launched.

Distractions are the enemy of perfectly cooked meals

Cooking requires time, supervision and a fair degree of a person's attention. However, people sometimes need to leave an active kitchen unattended for short periods of time home (to take a call, throw in a load of laundry, change a diaper, etc.) and it’s easy to become distracted (Facebook anyone?). This can result in overcooked food, boil-overs and general safety issues.

Not if you have cluck.

cluck offers busy home cooks the ability to briefly step away from the kitchen while remaining connected to the food they are cooking. It is a patent-pending kitchen timer which makes it easier to prepare some of your favorite foods more conveniently, consistently and safely every time you cook.

cluck is a fully immersible, food-safe temperature sensor which provides both a ‘time-to-boil’ as well as a ‘time-to-done’ prediction based on the rate of temperature change over time. 

The cluck timer and iPhone app help home cooks make the most of their time while providing peace of mind when stepping away from an active kitchen. 

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