CLRCASE - A Vinyl Record Display Case Unlike Any Other
CLRCASE - A Vinyl Record Display Case Unlike Any Other

This project has already launched.

Have you wanted to display your records on the wall, only to be disappointed in the record frames and cheap vinyl display offerings? We're with you.

CLRCASE displays records and record covers in a beautiful, frame-free protective case that's easy to install. The unique patent pending design makes it easy to switch between displaying records and record covers, and allows for quick access to the record at anytime. It's easy to install and simple to use. 

CLRCASE is a better alternative to the traditional record frame.

CLRCASE displays vinyl record covers & vinyl records with ease . Switch from vinyl cover to vinyl in seconds.

The unique patent pending spindle adaptor is the first of its kind. It's perfect for hanging records, and tucks away when displaying a jacket. 

 Pick the color that best fits your wall & records. More colors to come.

CLRCASE is constructed of the highest quality materials
The clear outer cover is made of a high quality polished acrylic-like material. The display panel and opaque pieces are made of a high quality satin finished ABS, with design reinforcements to ensure sturdiness. 

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