Cloud Sheep Plush Toy
Cloud Sheep Plush Toy

This project has already launched.

Who is Chibistudio Vancouver?

A small studio based in Vancouver, our studio was formed in 2012 and we've been creating inspirational characters and stories since. The journey started with Tomoe's Diary, a self-published manga in early 2012. Then came the Chibi bunny series in summer 2012, followed by the Cloud Sheep series in 2014. In 2015, with much enthusiasm and backed by positive feedback...we crafted our first handmade plush!



Behind The Scene

In 2014, the idea of creating a personified Vancouver weather came to mind. If you live or have been in Vancouver, you will understand the love and hate mixed feeling we have towards our weather. On any given day, you can either find fluffy cuddly clouds, mopey pessimistic clouds, or if you are really lucky, you might see the timid sun who wants to play but is often too shy to say 'Hi'.

Since the process of doodling, we truly believe that these characters would be lovely to be made as actual 3D toys. From there on, with good feedbacks, support, and great enthusiasm, we decided to learn how to make a handmade plush toy of the sheep just to see how many people would fall in love with our sheep.

Handmade Plushies 
Handmade Plushies

Unexpectedly, our sheep received many loves from their fans at our very first convention. The number of fans grew and we cannot catch up with the demand mostly because of our primitive method, where everything was hand-sewn.

We could keep going with the hand-sewn method but we had some reservations: first was the cost; second was the durability; and third was the quantity.

Why Support Us?

Amongst our creations, the Cloud Sheep series have identified with people the most and we are eager to introduce them to more people and make them more durable and affordable.

We need to move away from the laborious, costly, and time consuming hand-sewn method that ultimately can't keep up with demands.

By supporting this project, you can truly help us expand the reach and availability of these cute and inspirational characters.

Cost Breakdown

86% of the funding will go to the production. We are serious about this project; therefore, we maximize the fund solely on the production.

4% to marketing; we are relying on friends, family, relatives, and you. Please spread the word about this project, so we could all have these cuties and everyone will be happy :)

And the remaining of 10% goes to Kickstarter.

Cost Breakdown 
Cost Breakdown


Reward Items



Toy Manufacturer Canabears. Their designs are of high quality material, they made sure all the safety on toys are met, and they are great with following up.

Background Music AmachaMusic Chagasi - Hajimete no Otsukai

Slide Intro Photo Alan Liang. A humble and talented self-taught photographer.
Check out his instagram: at_eito.


We have already planned and organized everything accordingly. It is unlikely that we will face any problems with the schedules and milestones. Our manufacturer is very good with follow-up and will keep us updated on their progress.
However, please keep in mind that this is our first time crowd funding and there may be something that we missed.
If the problem impacts many people and causes delays on the delivery, we would inform every backer about the delays, and eventually solve the problem.

Our timeline is most likely going to be as follows:

October 31, 2016
If the campaign is a success, we will send the electronic copies of the desktop background to everyone by the first week of November.
We will inform our manufacturer to start the productions right away after we reach our goal.

Mid December 2016
Manufacturer should be finished with the orders.

Late January 2017
We should have the plushies at our studio. We will ship rewards right away within the first week or second week (depending on the volume) after receiving the plush toys. We will also inform you if the rewards package are shipped, and you could track them.

Mid February 2017
All domestic backers should receive their rewards.

Late February 2017
All International backers should receive their rewards.

If there are any delays either on the delivery or the production, the rewards should still reach your home approximately by the end of March.

We are thinking of using DHL Express since they are the most reliable to deliver the rewards to your home safely and timely. But it will depend on the raised fund. The more we raised, the faster it gets to your home.

Other important information for you to know is for the fact that, as we will be ordering our plush outside of the province we are living, our manufacturer may take approximately up to 5 weeks to get the plush toys delivered to us.

Therefore, it does take a bit of time until the plush is delivered to your home. Because our ordering and delivering time is around Christmas, there may be delays with the shipping company.

But don't worry, we will keep everyone updated on each progress.

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