Raising a world of Coders with an affordable Climate Sensor
Raising a world of Coders with an affordable Climate Sensor

STEM Classrooms K-12 Sensors

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We have a bold vision for the future of Education. We agree with President Obama that every classroom, every student should have access to STEM education. Therefore, HipScience made a commitment to the White House that through our network, we would donate 75 cutting edge STEM Kits to U.S. Schools this year. For details about our Open STEM Advantage Program, click here http://www.mantisopenstem.com/enroll/

When kids leave school they are surrounded by technology. Our sensors help to transform the school environment into a digitized classroom. Immersing a student in technology, and allowing them to see the fluid connectivity in learning, creates a future untamed by the imagination.

Innovation in STEM is common but often important elements are not taken into account. In order to address the vast opportunities in STEM we have developed sensors to increase student engagement and allow data sharing when conducting an experiment. Unlike competitors, our goal with this campaign is to make the stem devices accessible as well as integrating with devices the school already has. 

The increased demand for these stem kits provides HipScience the opportunity to deliver these items at a lower price point. We have even made it easy for current donors and supporters of your schools to make an in-kind donation.

The introduction of STEM education can alter one’s perception in regards to career aspirations, general critical thinking and problem solving. However, students may lack access to equipment to meet these needs. Schools in areas of concentrated poverty often find this type of technology unaffordable. When the decision is made to embrace STEM Education, we intend to expose all students to high quality, obtainable education. Diversifying curriculum with coding manipulatives allows for the development of an advanced proficiency in all subject matter.  


The new and improved Mantis Climate Sensor is ready to provide data for the environment around you!

The Climate Sensor, can provide you with data related to

    • temperature
    • barometric pressure
    • relative humidity
    • visible light
    • UV light
    • dew point

With so many sensors on board, the compact form factor of the Climate Sensor can be your partner in collecting data in almost any environment! Lasting for 48 hours, the USB-chargeable lithium battery ensures endurance for your experiment needs. 

As part of this campaign we will be introducing new expansion port. The digital expansion port supports add-ons, to potentially include anemometer, gas sensors and other environmental sensors.

Why Crowdfund?

  • We want the Climate Sensor to be Classroom ready, let’s prepare by creating lesson plans and vetted curriculum.
  • We want to extend the device platform to be open source making it compatible with other software and api’s.
  • We want to manufacture the devices in high quantity to reduce costs and make it affordable for budget challenged schools.
  • We want to build our curriculum sharing program


  • Teachers can personalize and tailor interactive learning:
    1. A Mantis community of peers and subject matter experts  
    2. Flexible curriculum to meet the needs of your classroom
    3. Join a collaborative social network
    4. Develop the minds of STEM enthusiasts with the intermingling of coding, weather and math applications
    5. Lesson plans with cloud software allowing the export of information for use with other experiments.


  • Try more experiments by integrating with other various intelligent objects such as sensors that are compatible with:  
    1. The Internet of Things
    2. Scratch
    3. Bluetooth
    4. Gamification
    5. Programming languages


This solution fills in the void in the market. We understand that new models of learning are flexible so we have worked with industry professionals to cultivate interplay making classrooms a vibrant space. Our community partners like Florida State University and Sciberus allow us to expand the building, making, producing, experimenting and designing of our products so they can be used in nontraditional environments as well as after school, summer programs.



The Mantis platform is a feature rich sensor measurement platform designed with the STEM Student & the hobbyist in mind. The Mantis product line provides a versatile and extensive collection of probes and accessories to collect, store, and display experiment data, with a vast curriculum based on approved educational standards. This Bluetooth enabled smart device supports STEM based activities on development platforms to include IOS and Windows devices.

Learn more about Mantis Sensors Features.


The Mobile App


The Mantis mobile app allows the collection of the sensor data using Bluetooth technology. The easy to use Mantis app can provide you with experiments to perform using your very own ad-hoc experiments.


Learn more about Mantis Mobile App Features.


The Website

The Mantis website offers many useful features for storing data, graphing your collected data, and a place to collaborate with others.

Learn more about Mantis Website Features.

About HipScience LLC:  With locations in Atlanta and Orlando, HipScience brings STEM to life. With over 15 years of experience in the aerospace industry, the company has been designing and engineering sensors that embed in wearable items (like wristbands) to weather stations and force motion carts. Visit us at http://www.mantisopenstem.com/climate-sensor/ to learn more!

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