Claylight Colors
Claylight Colors

This project has already launched.

lightexture is  launching a new Kick-Starter campaign to introduce color to our ceramics.

New Colors

since 2008 we have offered our Claylight series in Natural ceramic white only and we felt it's time for some colors. we chose two: Red (aka very Red ) and Aqua (greenish blue) Glazing perforated ceramics is a challenge since the glaze usually blocks the perforations while melting in the kiln. after experimenting extensively and failing a bunch we finally cracked this (thanks to many of you who demanded us to figure it out!)  

The colors are applied to new forms. We are launching a new Claylight Table-lamp, a new ceiling light: Clover Five  and Claylight Twins which is a playful new wall light as well as our classic Claylight sconces that simply got a new coat of paint. 



As customary with KickStarters we are offering these new lights at significantly lower price levels than these will be eventually be sold at. please take advantage of it. Thank You!   


Sharan, Avner, Yael and the lightexture team.


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