Claw Hunter
Claw Hunter

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Claw Hunter

A single player action-adventure game with RPG elements that allows the player to command three distinct characters with special abilities. Taking place in the 17th century and set on an island where prehistoric life of Cretaceous period was perfectly preserved, Claw Hunter allows the players to return to the days of their childhood, where the prehistoric worlds of dinosaurs and cavemen fascinated us all. Game is focused on a strong main story line and features super-realistic visual style and is built in Unreal Engine. Inspired by titles such as Uncharted, Tomb Raider and The Dig, game features a thrilling story in which the player will embark on a journey through the rugged and dangerous landscape of the tropical island to uncover its long-forgotten mystery. Each character has a different set of skills which players can combine to solve problems arising during their travels. On top of that, players can tame and work with dinosaurs to fulfil different tasks where human hands are not enough.

Claw Hunter takes place in 17th century on the mysterious island of Kayvao situated somewhere in Polynesia. 

This island is revered by the tribes living on adjacent islands as a place where the heaven meets the earth, a forbidden ground. Some tribesmen are banished here for their crimes, some go here voluntarily to mine precious minerals and harvest rare plants. All must fight for their lives though as the island is populated by the dragons of the old times – dinosaurs, who managed to survive the great cataclysm and continue to thrive there. 

In Claw Hunter three stories will converge. As a young man by the name of Papahy you have been chosen to venture deep into the island to try to appease the thunder god by the name of Maui-Motu'a, who is wreaking havoc on local villages. As a dutch doctor of natural sciences Cornelis travelling on a ship of East India Company you wake up washed ashore after a terrible storm and you have to find your way back to your world. And finally, as a female shaman Tavake who lives on Kayvao among her beloved dinosaurs you have to ensure the continuation of this precious piece of Earth. Tavake knows that new age is coming and the existence of the island will spread throughout the world and everything will change. 

Stories of these three characters will find their resolution in a world that doesn’t forgive mistakes. There is a dangerous adventure ahead of you, which will take you to the heart of the island, where many secrets will be revealed.

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